Application FAQ

What to Know When Completing the Camper Application



The $1,000 deposit and Father/Son tuition is accepted via eCheck or Credit Card during the application process. Checks also may be sent to camp. (If mailing a Check, your application will not be considered complete until we receive your deposit.)

If applying between December 1 and April 10, the $1,000 Deposit and half of the remaining tuition is due with the application. For applications after April 10, the full tuition is due with the application.

If your camper is eligible to be enrolled, the deposit or Father/Son tuition will be processed upon enrollment. If your application is being held until September 15th, the deposit will not be processed until your camper is enrolled in a session.


For families electing to pay by check, you can mail it to PO Box 98, Tuxedo, NC, 28784. Please contact the office for UPS or FedEx delivery options. The deposit is due with the application. If you select to pay the remaining balance by Check, you will be billed for two installments due on December 1 and April 10.

eCheck Bank Draft

For families electing to pay by eCheck Bank Draft you will be asked to enter your checking or savings account information (including your routing number and account number). If you elect to pay the deposit via eCheck, your account will be drafted after submitting the application. If you elect to pay the remaining tuition via eCheck you will be billed for two installments, and your account will be drafted for the installment amount on January 1 and April 10.

Credit Card

Falling Creek accepts credit cards as a payment option, however, a 2.5% Credit Card Convenience Surcharge will be applied to all payments made by credit card. The surcharge is non-refundable and does not count toward any camper balances.

Credit card payments are offered as a convenience and you may certainly always make payments via eCheck ACH bank draft or mailed check to avoid the surcharge. See the application terms and conditions for the surcharge amounts.

If you elect to pay the deposit via credit card, you will be charged for the deposit and the deposit surcharge after submitting the application. The remaining tuition will be billed in two installments, and your card will be charged for the installment amount plus the applicable credit card convenience surcharge on December 1 and April 10.

Applications will not be considered complete until we receive your deposit.

If your son is placed on a wait list, the deposit is fully refundable at any time you wish to come off of the wait list. If you paid the deposit via credit card, however, the surcharge is non-refundable.


You may apply to the Father/Son Weekends through the online application. The tuition is for the father and one son and is payable with the completed application. If you plan to bring an additional son or additional adult, you need to complete a separate application for the additional person and select the (Additional Son) session. The tuition is $225.00 for the additional person.

Father/Son session applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis until the session fills. Then applications are placed on a wait list.

If you apply for Father/Son and another camp session and are enrolled, you will be charged the Father/Son Tuition and the deposit for the camp session.

STEEL (Counselor in Training)

The STEEL program application is available to former Falling Creek campers and begins a competitive selection process that is similar to a job interview.

A deposit will not be charged until the camper completes the process and is offered a space in STEEL. If he is not selected, a deposit will not be charged.

Information about Falling Creek’s STEEL or Counselor in Training Program is available on our Camper Leadership Programs page.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Falling Creek Camp Application Terms and Conditions (08/20/2017)

Falling Creek is a rustic camp situated in a beautiful mountain setting. Terrain at camp is hilly and rugged. Campers wishing to attend must be able to manage themselves in the camp setting away from electronics and other residential comforts with basic self-help skills including but not limited to showering, brushing their teeth, managing their eating, managing the contents of their trunk, reporting not feeling well or injuries such as cuts and bug bites, changing clothes, applying sunscreen and bug spray. There will be occasions when your child will not be directly supervised; such as walking to and from activities, playing in certain camp games, free choice times, and other times during the day.

Falling Creek reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any applicant who in our judgment will neither benefit from nor contribute to the camp experience. We are selective in admissions because of the close community we strive to foster and the quality experience we seek to provide. Our areas of expertise do not extend to handling or management of behavioral or psychological issues or certain medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, and certain severe allergies.

By submitting this application you acknowledge that you and your son are familiar with all aspects of Falling Creek Camp’s programs as described through printed materials, videos and the website. You have also had ample opportunity to ask questions about Falling Creek’s activities and associated risks. You understand that there are inherent and other risks in most activities and programs including, but not limited to those associated with motor vehicle travel; exposure to the elements of nature, including heat, cold, rain and lightning; physical trauma associated with sports and other recreation; falls, kicks, bites and other risks associated with horseback riding. Camp activities include travel off the premises to recreational opportunities. You understand that the areas to which campers have access include lakes and rivers, rocky and rugged wooded terrain, rock cliffs, and waterfalls, and potentially harmful plants, snakes, and other creatures.

We acknowledge that Falling Creek Camp has an outstanding safety record, and has taken reasonable measures in the development of an appropriate summer camping program. By submitting this application, both parents acknowledge that they know and understand that camp and outdoor activities cannot be 100 percent safe.

By submitting this application, both parents and their son acknowledge and understand that due to the nature of the activities, there remain risks that can result in loss or damage to property and or loss or damage to the participant, including accidental injury, illness, permanent trauma, disability or death.

You further acknowledge that you have fully disclosed any pre-existing physical, medical, behavioral, psychological or physical challenges, severe allergies or learning differences to the camp. Any dispute or complaint you might have against Falling Creek Camp, its owners, officers, directors, employees, contractors and volunteers shall be governed by the substantive laws of the State of North Carolina, and any mediation or suit shall occur or be filed in Henderson County, North Carolina.

We expect all Falling Creek boys to be positive members of our camp community and abide by the Falling Creek Honor Creed and the Falling Creek Code. By submitting this application, both parents and campers agree to uphold these expectations.

Bringing to camp or use of tobacco products, weapons, alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia are grounds for dismissal from camp. Parents agree to allow campers’ possessions to be searched for these and other detrimental items at the discretion of the camp directors. Falling Creek will expel any camper who exhibits behavior that, in our sole discretion, is unsafe, disrupts, or detracts from the welfare of another camper or our camp community. Harassment, physical harm, use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, theft or misuse of property, and disregarding instructions are all examples of behaviors that will lead to expulsion. If a camper is expelled there will be no refund.

By submitting this application you further agree that Falling Creek Camp may obtain or provide emergency hospitalization, surgical or other medical care for your son, and may exchange medical information with third parties providing medical care. You understand that any incidental charges, including medical bills for any accident, illness, or medications will be your responsibility. You have further instructed your child in the importance of knowing and abiding by the camp’s rules, regulations and safety procedures. A signed Insurance and Authorization Form may be required as a further agreement for Falling Creek Camp to provide medical services.

By submitting this application you give permission for photographs or video footage of your son, self, or family members to be used by the camp for promotional purposes. You further authorize permission to use evaluations, surveys, and other written and electronic communication submitted to camp for promotional purposes.

Our camp community is served three well-balanced meals each day. Fruit is available as a snack throughout the day in the Dining Hall, and we serve a milk & cookie snack most evenings.

We do not limit any of the food offered to campers or staff. If your son has a food allergy, we work to offer substitutions. We do not make modifications for food preference as we offer a variety of food options.

Because we eat family style, at cookouts and buffets, and offer a salad bar, it is Falling Creek’s expectation that by sending your son to camp, you are asserting to us that your child has knowledge of their diet and can manage their food choices.

Falling Creek Camp cannot guarantee campers or staff will not come in contact with foods he/she may be allergic to, or other allergens (see Allergen Policy). If your child has a severe allergy or dietary restriction, contact the camp directors to discuss if Falling Creek Camp is properly equipped to manage it.

Falling Creek Camp uses the following guidelines pertaining to allergens in the food offered:
We are conscious of the ingredients in all our meals as it pertains to allergens. Menu items served at meals in the Dining Hall and at cookouts that contain known allergens of campers and staff are listed on an allergy board. We consider a food item to contain an allergen if it is listed in the ingredients, or the item’s packaging states language such as it “may contain” the allergen or is “made on shared equipment”. We do not consider a food item to contain an allergen if the item’s packaging states language such as it is “processed in a factory that also processes” the allergen.

Substitutions for the main course and dessert are offered.

In addition to the meal served, our salad bar/breakfast bar contains a variety of rotating items, including hummus, garbanzo beans, edamame, croutons, eggs, and sunflower seeds. We serve milk and sugar cookies most evenings (substitutions for allergens are offered). We also make soy butter and almond milk available. These options are not listed on the allergy board. Campers and staff should be aware of the risk of cross-contamination that can occur in this setting.

For meals eaten out of the dining hall on trips and pack outs, substitutions are given to those with dietary restrictions when appropriate.

The $1,000.00 deposit is due with the application for each applied session if applying before December 1.

If applying between December 1 and April 10, the $1,000 deposit and half of the remaining tuition is due with the application. For applications after April 10, the full tuition is due with the application.

If you are applying for a Father/Son Weekend, the $675 tuition (plus $225 additional son tuition) is also due with the application.

If your camper is eligible to be enrolled, the deposit or Father/Son tuition will be processed upon enrollment. If your application is being held until September 15th, the deposit will not be processed until your camper is enrolled in a session.

The remaining tuition is split into two installments, half due by December 1 and half by April 10. Payments must be timely in order to maintain your son’s enrollment. You may pay in full at any earlier time. Applications must be filled out completely and the deposit must be received by camp before we consider the application “complete.”

Early registration is advisable as all sessions reach capacity quickly. Priority is given to returning Falling Creek campers and their brothers; next, we accept those who had been placed on the previous year’s waiting list and legacies. Remaining spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis. If we receive your application after we have reached capacity, you will be notified that your son has been placed on our waiting list. Your deposit is fully refundable at any time while you are on the waiting list.

The $1,000 deposit for traditional camp sessions is fully refundable until December 1. The deposit becomes non-refundable after December 1. If notice of cancellation is received between December 1 and April 1, tuition less the $1,000 is refunded. There is no refund after April 1.

For Father/Son Weekend cancellations more than 30-days before your weekend will be assessed a 20% cancellation fee. Father/Son cancellations less than 30-days before your weekend are non-refundable.

Applications are accepted for a full term only. No refund will be made for late entrance or early withdrawal, except when caused by serious illness; in this case, the loss will be shared equally by the parent and the camp. As described in the High Expectations of Campers section above, the directors reserve the right to dismiss any camper who violates the camp rules or is judged disadvantageous to the general welfare of the camp. No refund will be made in case of dismissal.

We cannot accommodate campers arriving or departing on days before Opening or after Closing Days for the session. Specifics for campers arriving or departing at times outside of the arrival and departure time periods on Opening and Closing Days need to be discussed with a camp director. The same applies for campers arriving after Opening Day or leaving before Closing Day.

Please note that we do not carry health or accident insurance on individual campers. Campers must be covered under a policy provided from home. Participation is required in our medication dispensing program. Campers taking daily medication require a physician’s prescription, and oral tablet medication must be packaged in unit-dose blister packs. Advanced emergency care and consultation are available at local physicians’ offices and area hospitals. Incidental treatment and supplies are handled at camp with no charge, but prescriptions or in-town doctor or dentist visits and treatment will be billed to parents. A current, completed Camp Health Examination Form and health insurance information is required for all boys.

Our camp policy is to perform head checks for lice on each camper on the day they arrive. If a camper is identified as having head lice, we arrange for professional treatment the afternoon of Opening Day. The service provider utilizes an FDA cleared medical device for the treatment of head lice. The cost of this treatment is $350 and is typically covered by health insurance plans. Parents will be responsible for the cost of the treatment. If you think your camper may have contracted lice or you just want to make sure, it would be a good idea to obtain a head check for lice prior to coming to camp at a treatment center such as Pediatric Hair Solutions or your local doctor.

One of the benefits of a camp experience involves meeting and making new friends from different places. Falling Creek Camp encourages campers to attend without concern for hometown buddies.

We will carefully consider a mutual request (each boy must request the other) for boys of similar age and grade. No more than two campers from the same area will be placed in the same cabin. All cabin requests need to be communicated to camp in writing via e-mail 30 days prior to the session.

Airline reservations should be made early. Please note the itinerary details, including the airline confirmation number, on the Online Travel Form by the due date before the start of your son’s camp session. Also e-mail a copy of the itinerary and receipts for baggage and “Unaccompanied Minor” fees (return flights only) to .

When planning for flights to and from camp, please try to book a direct or non-stop flight. If a connecting flight is necessary, be advised that many airlines do not allow minors flying alone as a designated (paid for) “Unaccompanied Minor”, on flights that connect, or on the last flight of the day. We would like campers to arrive on Opening day in time to enjoy activities, so we request that you do your best to reserve flights that arrive before noon.

Due to travel time to the airport, check-in, and security screening, we ask that departures from camp be scheduled between 9:00am and noon if possible.

Note: Please check with your airline or travel agent concerning the policies for designated “Unaccompanied Minors” and other details regarding minors before booking tickets. Most airlines require that all children under the age of 15 fly as a designated “Unaccompanied Minor”.

Parents must pay for airline baggage and “Unaccompanied Minor” fees for both arrival and departure in advance. Please keep a copy of the receipt for any fees paid and e-mail them to . We will ask to have a method of payment on file for unplanned airline charges for boys leaving camp by plane.

Mail should be sent to PO Box 98, Tuxedo, NC 28784. Please include your son’s cabin name or number on the envelope. You will get your son’s cabin assignment on Opening day. Please note that our mailing and shipping addresses are different. Please send mail to the post office box. Cards and letters for your son may be left with the Program Office on Opening Day. We will distribute them according to your instructions.

You may call us at any time during camp at 828-692-0262. If we are not available, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We are happy to speak with you and will work with you to help your son have a positive and successful experience at camp. Direct phone calls to campers are not allowed, and campers are not allowed to call home. We have found that phone calls interfere with a camper’s adjustment and scheduled activities. We encourage you to communicate with your child through letters and one-way e-mails which are delivered to campers each day after lunch.

It is recommended you send pre-addressed/stamped envelopes, in a sealable plastic bag to protect from moisture, to camp with your camper. Our office will scan and e-mail letters home for international campers, and parents traveling.

Attending camp provides a unique opportunity for boys to gain independence and self-reliance. Therefore, we have a no visitation policy.

There can be difficulty readjusting after a family visit for both the camper and friends or cabin-mates whose parents cannot visit. We recommend parents visit camp on Opening and Closing days to meet Falling Creek staff and view the camp facility. The days between camp sessions are dedicated to staff training and are not convenient for visits.

In the interest of creating a non-materialistic camp community, fairness, and to the relief of many parents, Falling Creek has a no package policy. Any packages received that are larger than a standard (letter-size) envelope will be returned to the sender or held in the office until the end of camp. This includes books and magazines. We encourage families to donate reading materials to our camp library for the benefit of the entire Falling Creek community.

Please inform family and friends and remind them not to send food, candy, or gum in letters. If your son forgets to pack an essential item, contact the camp office. We have a grace period of the first few days of camp for receiving forgotten essential items. The package must be preapproved by the camp office. Your son will open the package in the camp office and only be allowed to keep the essential item. Please adhere to the no package policy. It is very disappointing for a package to arrive for a camper and for him to not be able to keep it if it is a non-essential item.

Campers should not bring any food, candy, lighters, matches, water guns, weapons (see Knife Policy), balloons, aerosol spray cans to camp. All electronics, including iPods/music players, cell phones, smart watches, and electronic readers such as Kindle and Nook, may not be brought to camp. If these items are brought to camp, we will collect them and hold them in our office until Closing Day. Campers may bring cameras/GoPros that do not have internet connectivity with them to camp. Cameras/GoPros are only to be used outside of the cabin setting. Falling Creek Camp is not responsible for lost cameras or GoPros.
Clothing, sports gear, trading cards, and any other items of sentimental or high monetary value should left at home. Falling Creek Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged items.
Campers do not need to bring cash to camp; any incidental purchases from the Camp Store will be deducted from your son’s store account balance after the end of the camp session. Incidental purchases may include batteries, a toothbrush, stamps, or an extra water bottle. The exception is for campers who may need spending money for the airport, if flying. Cash or credit cards for travel may be checked into the Program Office on Opening Day.

A small knife that fits into a pocket can be a useful tool in the backcountry. Boys aged 13 or older are permitted to bring one such knife to camp. The blade must be entirely enclosed by its handle or sheath when not in use and is not to exceed 3 inches. Lockable blades and non-serrated edges are preferred. Double-edged, spring-loaded blades, switchblade knives, or other bladed objects such as Ninja stars are not allowed.
With the highest concern for safety, boys are obligated to tell their counselor or trip leader prior to using their knife. When not in use, the knife must be stored under control of its owner. Campers using a knife for purposes other than a beneficial tool will lose this responsibility and privilege.

Dismissal from camp will be immediate if the knife ever represents a weapon or is used irresponsibly.

It is assumed that boys, aged 13 or older, who bring a knife to camp have their parents’ approval and have proven to them that they are qualified to handle a knife properly.

Hammocks have become increasingly popular at camp. As an optional item, we welcome boys to bring their hammocks and straps (also include tarp, stakes, and line for out-of-camp trips) to camp. Hammocks may be used for resting in camp during appropriate times and sleeping on out-of-camp trips, following the guidelines outlined below. We do not allow campers or counselors to sleep in hammocks on cabin overnights. Camp is not responsible for damage to hammocks or straps if they are left outside after use.

Cabin overnights are limited to a single cabin and each camp site has a covered shelter allowing campers and counselors the opportunity to develop camaraderie and a sense of working together in a safe and comfortable setting. The use of hammocks on cabin overnights can diminish a shared experience. While campers and staff may bring their hammocks to use while preparing and enjoying dinner, we ask them to sleep as a group in the outpost shelter. By limiting the use of hammocks, we hope to encourage inclusion and community—themes we stress often at Falling Creek.

When you submit your camper application and select an electronic payment method (eCheck or Credit Card), Falling Creek will process an electronic payment for the applicable deposit or tuition amount when your application is processed. For all remaining camp charges, your Falling Creek invoice will be e-mailed or mailed to you based on the option you selected during the application process. Your invoice will reflect a message stating that an electronic payment will be scheduled, the amount of the payment, and when the payment is scheduled. The electronic payment will be made automatically on or after your due date. The electronic payment will be processed whether or not you receive the invoice, and it is your responsibility to make sure Falling Creek has the correct contact e-mail and electronic payment information. It is your responsibility to check your spam filter for our e-mails.

You have the right to question your invoice. To do so, simply contact camp via phone at least seven business days before the scheduled electronic payment date. Upon notification of a billing dispute, your electronic payment will not be processed until the dispute is resolved. If notification is made less than seven business days before the processing date, the payment may be processed, and adjustments, if any, will be made afterward.

If your bank draft payment or standard check is not honored by your bank for any reason, Falling Creek will notify you via e-mail or phone call. An NSF or Returned Check fee will be added to your bill for each occurrence of a non-paid bank draft transaction.

Bank draft payments will be drawn upon the bank account authorized at the time of billing for any withdrawals for the current camp season. You are responsible for notifying Falling Creek when you change or close the authorized bank account.

Credit Card payments will be processed using the account authorized at the time of billing for any withdrawals for the current camp season. You are responsible for notifying Falling Creek when you change or close the authorized credit card.

Falling Creek accepts credit cards as a payment option, however, a Credit Card Convenience Surcharge of 2.5% will be added to all payments made by credit card. The surcharge is non-refundable and does not count toward any camper balances. Credit card payments are offered as a convenience and you may certainly always make payments via eCheck bank draft or mailed check. There is no surcharge added for eCheck or mailed check payments.

The store deposit is $25 per camper for the June, Main, and 2-Week sessions and covers incidental purchases such as water bottles, toothpaste, stamps, batteries, postcards, laundry bags, or flashlights from our camp store while your child is at camp. It may also be used to cover the cost of any prescriptions, medical incidentals, or travel charges for your camper. The unused portion of the deposit will be refunded at the end of the camp session. Clothing and other camp gear is not available for campers to purchase during the camp session and must be purchased before camp through our online store. A limited number of items are available to parents to purchase on Opening and Closing Days. There is no store deposit for the Junior Camp session.

Our on-site camp store will be open on Opening and Closing Days with a limited variety and quantity of items available for families to purchase. We will also open the store to campers some weekdays during the June, Main, and 2-Week camp sessions for purchases of essential items only, such as an extra water bottle, replacement toothbrush, batteries, etc. On-site camp store expenditures will be charged to your son’s store account. If a camper has a need for an essential item outside of the store hours, we will provide it to him.

Falling Creek reserves the right to change and modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on the Falling Creek website.