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  • Warrior Spirit
  • Servant's Heart
  • Positive Attitude
  • Moral Compass

Falling Creek is a Christian summer camp for boys.

  • We are a community of 312 campers and 140 dedicated staff members from 36 states and 12 countries.
  • Our camp is situated on 645 private mountaintop acres near Tuxedo, North Carolina.
  • Summer camp sessions range from 1-week to 4-weeks, for boys in grades 1 to 10.
  • We offer Spring and Fall Father and Son Weekend camps for boys in grades K to 10th and their fathers.
  • Check out our blog and browse our video gallery.
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Recent News

I feel the need; the need, for speed.

Drop a leaf into the Green River and it would transition from the tiny rapids beneath our covered bridge to a glassy creek, lazily winding through the Tuxedo valley until opening up into an expansive lake, the mouth of which is spanned by an ancient and dec...
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“If You Could Be Any Animal…”

I noticed a bird today. I don’t know what kind it was, but I do remember how it banked and wheeled through the dense interplay of branches in the thick shrubs nearby, threading itself through the keyhole-sized interstices at incredible speed. Perhaps I was ...
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The Falconers of Falling Creek

I was talking to two campers by the ping-pong tables this morning, when they suddenly broke conversation and scurried off toward someone else standing not 40 feet away. As they drew closer, they quickly capped their excitement, cautious not to startle the f...
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We had a visitor from the England’s Globe Theatre today…sort of: Liam shared a quote during Morning Watch from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “In that play,” he said, “a character declared that ‘love sees not with the eyes but with the mind.’” Lia...
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You Came Today From All Points.

Out of 314 boys, we are honored to welcome 55 of you who will be orientating yourselves in this place for the first time. Others nearly bypassed the formalities entirely and embarked cabinward as quickly as possible. “Wait,” a mother said to her son, “I don...
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It's All About The Staff

Most of us, when we fill a glass of water, fill it about a half-inch short of the brim, especially if we plan to walk anywhere across the room before enjoying a sip. And, likely, you don’t think too much about your hands and arms and legs as you breezily fe...
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Online registration for 2017 is open. Click Submit Application above, or visit our Sessions page for dates & rates and more information.


Falling Creek’s activity progression system gives campers an opportunity to build confidence as they advance through 5 levels in each activity.

Father/Son Weekend

Imagine you and your son spending an action-filled weekend in the mountains of Western North Carolina!

Blog and Flame

We hope you enjoy the regular blogs posted during the summer by several members of the Falling Creek staff

Ways to Give

Information about making a tax-deductible gift to one of three funds that benefit the Falling Creek Camp Community can be found here.

Grow & Behold

View the inaugural issue of our Grow & Behold magazine.

History, Tradition

Falling Creek Camp was founded in 1969 by Jim Miller (director of Camp Greystone) as an independent Christian camp for boys.

Our New Gym

We are thrilled that the McGrady Family Gym has become a hub of camp activity!