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Alumni are an important part of the Falling Creek family. If you are new to our website, we hope you enjoy it and that it brings back fond memories of camp.

Banner for 50th reunion.

50th Anniversary Alumni Weekend

September 7th-9th, 2018

Next fall, we’ll be throwing a 50th Anniversary Alumni Weekend and we’d love for you to attend. It will be an opportunity for past campers and former staff to join together and share memories, gratitude and encouragement.

Pack your trunk... you'll want to be at our camp alumni reunion when the bell rings!

Falling Creek alumni 25 years of age and older are invited to return to camp, reunite with old friends, and remember special times. Morning Watch, great meals in the dining hall, Morning Assembly, participating in your favorite camp activities, and campfire will be a few highlights.

The 50th Anniversary Alumni Weekend tuition is $195.00. The weekend is all-inclusive. Meals are served family style in our dining hall, just like you remember. Accommodations are provided in our rustic cabins. Each cabin has electricity and a bathroom. The weekend starts with check-in Friday afternoon and concludes Sunday late morning. You may even request to be in a cabin with someone you already know.

The weekend will include camp classics such as morning watch, morning assembly, campfire, camp meals and announcements, camp characters & activities, and a chance to reconnect, all at your choice.  We will also be unveiling a historical celebration video and beautiful coffee table book commemorating our rich tradition.

This event is not set up for spouses or family. It is intended to be an opportunity to return to camp for alumni. There is lodging and a lot to do locally, if family would like to stay in the area while you are at camp (our Parents page has a list of local lodging and things to do). We recommend they book soon, however, because the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC, is taking place around the same time, so area lodging will fill quickly.

As you are thinking about travel arrangements, plan to arrive between 4:00-6:00pm on Friday, Sept. 7th, and to depart on Sunday, Sept. 9th in the late morning, about 10:00am-11:00am. If you are flying, the best airports are either Asheville, NC (AVL) about 45 minutes away, or Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP) about 1 hour away. Charlotte, NC (CLT) is also an option with a bit of a longer drive to camp at about 2 hours away.

After you register, reconnect with others who plan to attend on the Falling Creek Camp Alumni Association Facebook page.

Who’s Coming to the Reunion!
Updated 09/07/18
Tom Adrian Camper 1990’s
Kurt Altvater Camper 1969-1973
Charlie Anderson Camper 1985-1990
Chad Auten Staff 1996-2007
Joe Baden Staff 1969 and 1972
Tom Baden Camper 1990s Staff 2000s
Donnie Bain
Kim Bain
George Baise, Jr. Camper 1976-1978
John Baise Camper 1977-1984
Jim Bailes Staff
Sara Bailes Staff
Tonya Barrow Staff 1998-2005
John Bates Camper 1992-2001 Staff 2003-2009, 2012, 2017-Present
Kevin Beach Camper 2003-2007 Staff 2011
Lori Beese Staff 1970s-2000s
Jean Boeggeman Staff 1998-2000
Drew Boggan Staff 1990s-Present
Render Braswell Camper 1994-2003 Staff 2006, 2007, 2009
Don Broad Staff 1985-1986
Emily Broad Staff 1989-1994
Rick Broad Staff 1985-1994
David Brown Staff 1976-1987
Bucky Brown Staff 1978-1984
Eric Budgin Staff 1997-2001
Frank Byrd Staff 1970s
Crom Carey Camper 1996-2004 Staff 2006-2007, 2009-2010, 2012-2013
Chris Carter Camper 1993-2000
Jonathan Carter Camper 1990, 1992-1997 Staff 2000-2001, 2004
Philip Carter Camper 2000s
Talbot Carter Staff 1976-1979
John Cathcart Camper 1983-1990 Staff 1992-1993, 1995-1996
Scott Cathcart Camper 1989-1994 Staff 1996-1999
Haynes Chidsey Camper 1970s-1980s Staff 1987, 1990
Michael Clara Camper 1989-1993, 1996-1997
Sally Clarke Staff 1985-1986
Sam Clayton Staff 2016-Present
Brandy Clements Staff 1995-1998
Ken Cochran Staff 1988-1989
Tom Coker Camper 1992-1997 Staff 1999-2001, 2003
Fred Conklin Camper 1978-1987 Staff 1988-1989
David Conway Camper 1980, 1985, 1986 Staff 1989
Jason Cook Camper 1999-2005
John Cottingham Staff 1970s
Walt Cottingham Staff 1975-1983
Eric Cowden Camper 1982-1989
Pat Cunningham Camper 1982-1983, 1986 Staff 1989-1992
Dusty Davis Staff 1982-1986, 2006-Present
Patty Davis Staff 1982-1983
Jay DeGuire Camper 1996-1999 Staff 2001-2006
David Dickerson Staff 1975-1977
John Dickins Camper 1981-1987, 1989, Staff 1991-2000
Kirsten Dickins Staff 1996-1999
James Dorsett Camper 1998-2004 Staff 2011
Steve Drewry Camper 1991-1998, Staff 2004-2010, 2012-2013, 2016
Joe Duckett Staff 1993-2004
Brian Ellis Camper 1999-2006
Christian Ellis Camper 1999-2003 Staff 2005
Richard Ellis Staff 2008-2009
Rita Ellis Staff 1999-2008
Tina Ellis Staff 2008-2009
Tim Elrod
Robert Eshleman Camper 2000-2005 Staff 2008-2011
Peter Field Camper 1995-2002 Staff 2008
Peter Field Camper 1995-2000
Harrison Finney Camper 1986-1990
Andrew Foah Camper 2001-2008
Henry Foah Camper 1995-2002
Keller Foster Camper 1984-1992 Staff 1993-1998
Sam Frame Camper, Staff
Susan Frame Staff 1989-2011
Kenneth Givens II Staff 2013-2015
Matt Glenn Staff 1993-1997
Meghan Glenn Staff 1994-1996, 2001
Goody Camper 1979-1986 Staff 1989-2002, 2008-2017
Stephen Gray Camper 1979-1985 Staff 1988-1991
Vince Green Staff 1987-1997
Mike Gregorio Staff 1982, 1985-1987
Shelley Groh Staff 2014-Present
William Hackney Camper 90s-2000s
Paige Hafner Staff 2012-Present
Stuart Hamilton Staff 1978-1980
Todd Hancock Staff 1999-2001
Joseph E Brown Harper Camper 1984-1989
Mickey Herman Camper 2001-2009 Staff 2011-2015
Blair Hines Camper 1983-1990 Staff 1993
Sarah Holt Staff 1996, 1999, 2001
Brad Hooks
Frank Jackson Camper 1978-1986 Staff 1988-1989
Jules Jeffries Staff 2014-Present
Kyle Jeffries Staff 2008-2010, 2014-Present
Natasha Johnson Staff 2007-2013
Allen Kannapell Camper 1983-1986 Staff 1989-1992
Skeet Keyes
Jamie King Camper 1979-1985
Max King Camper 1998-2006 Staff 2008-2012
Rob Kirby Staff 1990-Present
Jim Kurtts Staff 1969-2015
Ben Lea Camper 1980s Staff 1993-2006
Paul Leonard Camper 1976-1981
Calvin Levi Staff 1974-1976
Anthony Lobianco Camper 2002-2004
Steve Longenecker Staff 35 Summers-Present
Brooks Lumpkin Camper 1993-1998 Staff 2001
Mike Magidson Camper 1989-1993 Staff 1997
Timothy Magidson Camper 2000-2006 Staff 2007-2013
Bob Majors
Hutch McClendon Camper 1974-1975 Staff 1981-1983, 1985-1986
Chuck McGrady Staff 1970s, 1989-2005
Peter McKellar Staff 1999-2005
Philip Merry Camper 1976-1984
Jerry Metcalf Staff 1982-Present
Jim Miller Camper 1970s Staff 1980s
Stuart Miller Camper 1970-1977
John Moll Camper 1997-2007 Staff 2003-2004, 2009
Claire Moore Staff 1996-2001
Jason Moore Staff 1990s-2000s
Charles Morris, Jr. Camper 1982-1988
Leland Morris Camper 1981-1991
Broderick Mullins Camper 1989-1994
Connell Mullins Camper 1986-1991 Staff 1995-1996
Worth Newman Camper 1999-2006 Staff 2010
Nathan Newquist Staff 2001-Present
Drew Nickerson Camper 1999-2006 Staff 2010-2011
Charlie Niemeyer
Chuck Niemeyer Camper 1976-1983 Staff 2007-Present
Ashley Outlaw Staff 1996-2004
Marisa Pharr Staff 1989, 2005-Present
Stephen Pharr Camper 1977-1986
Yates Pharr Camper 1978-1983 CIT 1984-1985 Staff 1986-1989, 2005-Present
Nathan Phillips Staff 1982
Matt Polak Camper 1990s
Joel Priest Staff 1982-1985, 2009-2010
George Ramsay Staff 1970s
John Ramsay Staff 1969-1970, 1972-1973
Hager Rand Camper 1970-1975, 1977 Staff 1979-1981
Garrett Randolph Staff 1970s-1980s
Judson Randolph Staff 1980-1981
Colin Render Staff 2000-2004
Richard Rhodes Staff 1998-2001
William Rhodes Staff 1999-2002
Ed Rickenbaker Camper 1981
Jemmy-James Robinson Camper 1980s Staff 1990s
Steve Rodgers Staff 1976-1980
Brooks Scurry, III Camper 1979-1984 Staff 1989
George Sewell Camper 1981-1989 Staff 2000-2001
Perry Silver Camper 1987-1994 Staff 1997-1998
Tim Skelly, III Camper 1977-1984 Staff 1988-1989, 1991
Jill Slinger Staff 2011-2015
Andrew Smith Staff 2008-Present
Brad Smith Staff 1983-1986
West Smithers Camper 2002-2008
Chris Stec Staff 1995-2007
Steve Stevens Staff 1974-1980
Rick Stobaugh Camper 1970s
Andrew Stoll Camper 1988-1993 Staff 1996-1997
Robert Strain Camper 1971-1976
Gordon Strayhorn
Laurie Strayhorn
Starr Teel
Josie Thompson Staff 1997-2001, 2005, 2017
Frank Tindall Staff 2005-Present
Jay Turner Camper 1972-1975
Rick Turner Camper 1969-1970, 1972-1973, 1975
Terry Tyree Staff 1977-1995
Ed Ulmer
Debbie Vaughan Staff 1997-1998
Bo Wagner Camper 1970s, 1982
Dan Walker Staff
Drew Walker Camper 1996-2004, 2006
Phil Walker Camper 1969-1970
Steve Walston Staff 1991-2008
Emily Washburn St Ruth Staff 1997-1998
Robert Watkins Camper 1970s-1980s Staff 1987
Rob Wells Staff 1986, 1988-1993
Jay Whatley Camper 1989-1990, 1992-1994 Staff 1996-1997
Lawrence Whatley Camper 1988-1990,1992 Staff 1996-1997
Meade Whitaker, III Camper 1986-1992 Staff 1994-1997
Richard Whitaker Camper 1989-1996 Staff 1997-2002
Steve Wildey Camper 1978-1985 Staff 1986-1987
Clay Willett Camper 1994, 1997, 2000-2003 Staff 2006-2007, 2009-2010
Thomas Willett Camper 1993-2001 Staff 2003-2005
Ben Williams Staff 1998-Present
Bill Wilson Staff 1989-2005
Simon Wilson Staff 1992-Present
Chris Young Camper 1987-1989 Staff 1993, 1997-1998
Lindsey Young Staff 1983-1985
Michael Young Staff 2000s

It’s rare to find a place that remains anywhere near as good as the memories one carries of it. But from the hours spent at camp while dropping my son off, I got the distinct impression that Falling Creek has not just kept pace with my memory, but gotten better!” -Hawes Spencer from Charlottesville, VA (Parent & Alumnus)