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Alumni are an important part of the Falling Creek family. If you are new to our website, we hope you enjoy it and that it brings back fond memories of camp.

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It’s rare to find a place that remains anywhere near as good as the memories one carries of it. But from the hours spent at camp while dropping my son off, I got the distinct impression that Falling Creek has not just kept pace with my memory, but gotten better!” -Hawes Spencer from Charlottesville, VA (Parent & Alumnus)

50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion

Mark your calendar for our 50th anniversary alumni reunion, in the fall of 2018!

Falling Creek alumni 25 years of age and older are invited to return to camp, reunite with old friends, and remember special times. Morning Watch, great meals in the dining hall, Morning Assembly, participating in your favorite camp activities, and campfire will be a few highlights.

If you would like to register for this event, please check back in the future, or call the camp office at 828-692-0262.

Historical Archive


Year File Size
1969 1969 FCC Camp Catalog 3.3MB PDF
1970’s Early 1970's Catalog 5.4MB PDF
1970’s Mid-1970's Catalog 5.9MB PDF
1970’s Late 1970's Catalog 5.7MB PDF
1980’s Early 1980's Catalog 3.3MB PDF
1980’s Late 1980's Catalog 7.6MB PDF
1990’s Mid-1990's Catalog 3.7MB PDF

Green & Golds

Note: Names and addresses have been removed from these books. If you’d like the full version in PDF form please contact the camp office.

Year File Size
1969 1969 Green & Gold 2.3MB PDF
1970 1970 Green & Gold 3.5MB PDF
1971 1971 Green & Gold 3 MB PDF
1972 1972 Green & Gold 3.1MB PDF
1973 1973 Green & Gold 3.9MB PDF
1974 1974 Green & Gold 3MB PDF
1975 1975 Green & Gold 3MB PDF
1976 1976 Green & Gold 3.3MB PDF
1977 1977 Green & Gold 3MB PDF
1978 1978 Green & Gold 2.8MB PDF
1979 1979 Green & Gold 2.9MB PDF
1980 1980 Green & Gold 3.4MB PDF
1981 1981 Green & Gold 3.2MB PDF
1982 1982 Green & Gold 3.4MB PDF
1983 1983 Green & Gold 3.9MB PDF
1984 1984 Green & Gold 3.5MB PDF
1985 1985 Green & Gold 3.1MB PDF
1986 1986 Green & Gold 3.1MB PDF
1987 1987 Green & Gold 3MB PDF
1988 1988 Green & Gold 3.3MB PDF
1989 1989 Green & Gold 3.5MB PDF
1990 1990 Green & Gold 2.7MB PDF
1991 1991 Green & Gold 2.9MB PDF
1992 1992 Green & Gold 1.2MB PDF
1993 1993 Green & Gold 1.5MB PDF
1994 1994 Green & Gold 1.1MB PDF
1995 1995 Green & Gold 1.1MB PDF
1996 1996 Green & Gold 1.2MB PDF
1997 1997 Green & Gold 875KB PDF
1998 1998 Green & Gold 1MB PDF
1999 1999 Green & Gold 1.1MB PDF