Green & Gold Award

We Bleed Green & Gold

Green and Gold Award Waypoint Marker

Falling Creek Camp gives out the Green & Gold honor each year to a staff member who best exemplifies the Falling Creek Code – Positive Attitude, Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart, Moral Compass – and who is known for carrying the Falling Creek spirit of unselfishness in his heart.

The tradition started at the conclusion of the first summer in 1969, and continues to today. The honor used to be a surprise – announced with the publication of the Green & Gold booklets. Today we announce and celebrate the Green & Gold recipient at our closing staff campfire that takes place after all of the campers depart on the final day of camp. They earn a Waypoint marker and are honored in our Grow & Behold Magazine.

Green and Gold Honorees

1969 Founding Campers & Counselors
1970 Boys Who Have Discovered the Secret of Falling Creek
1971 James L. McGregor II
1972 Robert W. Johns
1973 Anita Robinson
1974 Frank Byrd
1975 Walter Cottingham, Sr.
1976 Boys Returning for Their Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Years
(Drew Allen, Howard Bayless, Chip Collins, Chuck Collins, Corky Collins, Carl Espy, Cavett Fallis, Fred Herring, David Holland, Danny Jeffers, Sandy Mark, Stuart Miller, Patrick Newman, Jim Sackett, Mark Sandberg, Brian Shelburne, Bobby Strain, Chris Ulmer, Victor Ulmer)
1977 Main Camp Senior Campers & Counselors in Training
1978 Steve F. Longenecker
1979 Ed and Sharon Ulmer
1980 Kim and Donnie Bain
1981 Hager Rand
1982 Gladson Capps
1983 Kitchen Staff
(Julia Reed, Debbie Chadwick, Tommie Blake, Essie T. Williams, Sheila Holzendorf, Chuck Brooks, James Bryan, Vince Cameron, Chris Campbell, Jon Fitzpatrick, Tom Jones)
1984 Tim Elrod and Terry Tyree
1985 Gordon Strayhorn
1986 Garrett Randolph
1987 Bunacamp Staff
(Elizabeth Clarkson, Debbie Coats, Jane Cooke, Clair Cooper, Sally Edwards, Lyn Hickman, Vincent Hook, Judith Hubbard, Kay Jarvis, Helen McCort, Mark Massie, Mark Traves, Simon Willock)
1988 Sara Bailes
1989 Past, Present and Future Campers and Staff Members
1990 Blackfoot Tribe
(James Bryan, Peter Crow, Hank Goodwin, Hal Rather, Drew Robinson, John Stephens, Jim Tomberlin, Bill Wilson, “Helga”)
1991 Jerry Metcalf
1992 Allen Kannapell
1993 Vince Green
1994 Rick Broad
1995 John Dickins
1996 Matt Glenn
1997 Simon Wilson
1998 Jim Goodrum
1999 Robert Kirby
2000 Brad and Tina Hooks
2001 Chad Auten
2002 Jerry Suarez
2003 Ben Lea
2004 Ben Williams
2005 Nathan Newquist
2006 Christopher Stec
2007 Johnathan Bain
2008 John Bates
2009 Steve Drewry
2010 Robert Eshleman and Will Gordon
2011 Jim Kurtts
2012 Jez
2013 Peter Bishop, Michael Chapman, Mickey Herman, Daniel O’Neal
2014 Kyle Jeffries
2015 William “Scotty” Scott
2016 Dr. Bob Majors and Dr. Charlie Niemeyer
2017 Smat Sutton