Keeping parents informed is very important to us. The directors are always available to discuss your son’s progress and share information about his camp experiences.


Whether you are new to Falling Creek or a veteran parent, explore our website to learn more about our program.

We also encourage you to read the staff section of our web site to learn more about what we look for in our counselors and how we recruit and select them.

First-time families may also request more information online, if you are not familiar with our exceptional camp.

Parent Information

Review the topics below or download the PDF for information that will help you get ready for summer!

Truly, the development and personal growth our son exhibits after his time at camp is noticeable. The fun, the experiences, and the friendships are the icing on the cake!” – Tim Efird from Gastonia, North Carolina (Parent & Alumnus)

Parent Info

Pre-Camp Checklist

1. Watch the Pre-Camp Checklist video available in the Video Gallery in the News section of our website.

2. Read the information in the Parent Handbook or the Parents section of the website carefully.

3. Complete the following required online forms in your CampInTouch account by the due dates:

  • Online Health Form (includes Allergy and Medication information)
  • Online Travel Form (required for all campers)

4. DOWNLOAD and PRINT the following barcoded/faxback forms. Scan and email, upload, or fax completed forms to 828.333.5507, by the due date (no cover pages needed-forms include a barcode unique to each camper).

  • Physician’s Examination Form (to be completed by physician-must be current within 1 year)
  • Insurance & Authorization Form (parent signature required authorizing medical treatment if necessary; copy insurance cards onto form, not separately)

5. If your son will take medication(s) at camp, please read and follow the instructions in the Medical Information section of the Parent Handbook or see Health Information in the Parents section of the website regarding packaging and bringing medications to camp. Compliance with our medication policy and process is required for all medications taken on a daily basis, whether prescription or over-the-counter. “As needed” medications are also discussed in the Medical Information section. We appreciate you mandatory compliance with our policy.

6. Review the packing list or visit the What to Bring to Camp topic in the Parents section of the website.

7. Label all personal items with the camper’s first and last name, including clothes, shoes, towels, pillows, pillow cases, trunks, backpacks, and gear.

8. Please review the Parent Handbook and the Parent Information topics within the Parents section of the website for answers to questions you or your son may have about camp.

9. Cell phones, smart watches, iPods/other music players, and any other electronics are not allowed to be brought to camp. Non-internet accessible cameras and GoPros may be brought to camp. Label everything. Falling Creek Camp is not responsible for lost items including cameras, GoPros, or watches.

10. Inform family and friends of our Mail, Package, and Visitation policies (see the Parent Handbook or visit the Parents section of the website).

11. Please call (828.692.0262) or email () us regarding any concerns or questions.

Note: To access the CampInTouch system for forms and account information, go to the Falling Creek website and login on the right side of the home page using your camp system email and password. Contact Falling Creek Camp if you do not have a login or if you get locked out of your account.

CampInTouch Online

The CampInTouch system allows you to complete your son’s online forms, send one-way emails to your camper(s), view photos from each day at camp, and read the daily Yates’ Yak camp blog.

To reach the site, visit the Falling Creek website and go to the Login section found on the right side of the home page. Your email address is your username. If you don’t know your password, click “Retrieve Password”. If you get locked out of your account, call (828.692.0262) or email () the camp office and we will unlock your account and send you a link to reset your password.

Personal Camper Information

Often, months pass between the application process and Opening Day of camp. If a situation has occurred that could affect your son’s camp experience, please contact camp via phone (828.692.0262) or email ().

Preparing Your Son for Camp

Being away from home/family and adjusting to the camp experience is part of going to camp. There are many ways to help children prepare for camp. Please consider the suggestions listed below:

  • View our Camper Q & A in the About Us section of our website to answer any questions you or your son may have about camp.
  • Watch the Your Guide to Opening Day, Pre-Camp Checklist, and How to Help Homesickness at Camp videos available in the Video Gallery in the News section of our website.
  • Read books or watch videos about going to camp: We recommend two by Dr. Chris Thurber: The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success, a dvd found here:, and The Summer Camp Handbook, available to view online:
  • Talk with other parents and friends whose children have gone to camp.
  • Become familiar with camp schedules & procedures.
  • Prepare your son for the Opening Day connection to camp. It should be a quick process to say your goodbyes once you have met your son’s counselor(s) and visited the Infirmary with your son, if necessary. Your son will be directed into games and activities with the other campers while remaining boys arrive. Lingering on your part will make the integration into camp more difficult for your son.
  • Prepare your son to care for himself – problem solve with your son; anticipate problems like, “What if… I lose something, or don’t feel well, etc.”
  • Role play with your son about how to respond to camp situations.
  • Inform the family about writing letters to your son while he’s at camp. Keep letters and emails upbeat and positive. Too many letters and emails can sometimes make campers think about home too much and cause homesickness. Keep this in mind.
  • Be positive about your son’s upcoming experiences at camp – avoid statements like, “I know you will have a great time at camp, but I will miss you so much” or “I know you are excited about going to camp, but will you miss me, or the family pet, etc.?”
  • Let your son know there are many people he can speak with at camp if he has any concerns or anything to share about his experience here; his counselor, tribal leader, Yates & Marisa, or any other director. Yates & Marisa have a box accessible only to them for notes from campers and staff wanting to share information, confidentially.
Opening Day

To assist in preparing for Opening Day, please watch the Your Guide to Opening Day video available in the Video Gallery in the News section of our website.

Please arrive between 9:00am and 11:30am. If your family is traveling in more than one car, please carpool from a nearby gas station (Hwy 25, Exit 3) as parking is limited on Opening and Closing Days. Carpooling is encouraged.

Your son’s trunk/large luggage will be removed from your car as you are arriving (before you park) and delivered to his cabin. Please pack your car so the trunk is easily accessible. Also, please remove the wheels from the trunk before arrival as they often get lost.

After you park, you will be directed to your son’s cabin to meet his cabin counselor and cabinmates. If your son takes daily medication, you, along with your son, will need to check in with the nurses in the Infirmary and they will go over your son’s medications.

Communicate any changes to your son’s health since you filled out his online forms to the nurses at the Infirmary. In the afternoon, campers are given a non-invasive health check to to help ensure a healthy community.

Do not linger! A common question we hear from parents is: “How long should we stay?” It is recommended that parents not linger so the boys may quickly integrate into Opening Day activities and begin settling into camp and getting to know their counselors and cabinmates. There is more time to look around camp on Closing Day.

Immediately after you meet the counselor(s), your son will be able to join organized games and activities. This is your cue to say your goodbyes at the cabin. If your son will take daily medication at camp, or has health concerns you need to discuss with the medical staff, be sure you have visited the Infirmary with your son before saying goodbye.

Opening Day Health Concerns
In the interest of a healthy camp community, if your son has a fever or is sick within 24-hours of Opening Day, please contact camp to make arrangements for a late arrival.

If it is suspected that your son may have been exposed to head lice prior to camp, please perform a lice treatment before arrival and notify the Infirmary staff about your concern. All campers will have their heads checked for lice on Opening Day. If a camper comes to camp with lice, we will arrange for professional care. Parents will be responsible for the cost of treatment.

Cabin Placement

One of the benefits of a camp experience involves meeting and making new friends from different places. Falling Creek Camp encourages campers to attend without concern for hometown buddies.

We will carefully consider a mutual request (each boy must request the other) for boys of similar age and grade. No more than two campers from the same area will be placed in the same cabin. All cabin requests need to be communicated to camp in writing prior to April 30th. Email requests to . We do not make exceptions to our cabin placement policies.


To assist in preparing your son for camp, please watch the How to Help Homesickness at Camp video available in the Video Gallery in the News section of our website.

Homesickness may occur during the first few days of camp. Explain to your son that this is normal. Our staff members are alert to boys that are homesick and will work with them. Homesickness routinely disappears after a few days.

You may receive a sad and/or negative letter from your son (or several), especially if he is homesick the first few days of camp. Usually, subsequent letters are more positive and upbeat. If you are worried or concerned, contact the camp office. We will check on your son and give you a full report.

When you write to your son, it is helpful to center your attention on what the child is doing at camp rather than detailed accounts of what is happening at home. In all cases, be sure to set a positive and encouraging tone when sending notes to your son.

Part of the camp experience is for a child to learn self-sufficiency and self-confidence. A camp experience provides a child the opportunity to learn the give and take of cabin living with a group and developing interpersonal relationships. Know that your child is in good hands and we monitor his adjustment and well-being. Help us make this a positive growth experience by supporting and encouraging him to try new things and take advantage of all Falling Creek has to offer. Part of the camp experience is for a child to learn self-sufficiency and self-confidence. A camp experience provides a child the opportunity to learn the give and take of cabin living with a group and developing interpersonal relationships. Know that your child is in good hands and we monitor his adjustment and well-being. Help us make this a positive growth experience by supporting and encouraging him to try new things and take advantage of all Falling Creek has to offer.

You, as a parent, need to be ready for your child to go to camp. You will also feel pangs of “homesickness” for your son. Don’t make “bargains” with your child by telling him if he doesn’t like camp or is homesick, you will come get him. This sets the child up for failure and a lack of serious effort to give camp a chance. If your son thinks there is a chance you will come get him, that is what he will focus on.

Email & Online Photos

Falling Creek offers access to daily photos of camp life and allows you the option to send one-way emails to your child. To reach the site, go to the Login area of our home page. Follow the directions on the Login page to access your family’s information. The nominal charge for “CampStamps” helps offset our costs to provide the email service.

An unlimited number of photos may be downloaded from CampInTouch at no charge. The photos from the session are high-resolution files that can be reproduced. Photo prints and photo gifts may also be ordered through the CampInTouch application based on the application’s pricing.

Mail & Phone

Mail should be sent to PO Box 98, Tuxedo, NC 28784. Please include your son’s cabin name or number on the envelope. You will get your son’s cabin assignment on Opening Day. Please note that our mailing and shipping addresses are different. Please send mail to the post office box. Cards and letters for your son may be left with the Program Office on Opening Day. We will distribute them according to your instructions.

You may call us at any time during camp at 828.692.0262. If we are not available, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We are happy to speak with you and will work with you to ensure that your son has a positive and successful experience at camp. Direct phone calls to campers are not allowed, and campers are not allowed to call home. We have found that phone calls interfere with a camper’s adjustment and scheduled activities. We encourage you to communicate with your child through letters and one-way emails which are delivered to campers each day after lunch.

It is recommended you send pre-addressed/stamped envelopes, in a sealable plastic bag to protect from moisture, to camp with your camper. Our office will scan and email letters home for international campers and for parents traveling.

No Package Policy (please share with family members)

In the interest of creating a non-materialistic camp community, fairness, and to the relief of many parents, Falling Creek has a no package policy. Any packages received that are larger than a standard (letter-size) envelope will be returned to the sender or held in the office until the end of camp. This includes books and magazines. We encourage families to donate reading materials to our camp library for the benefit of the entire Falling Creek community.

Please inform family and friends and remind them not to send food, candy, or gum in letters. If your son forgets to pack an essential item, contact the camp office. We have a grace period of the first few days of camp for receiving forgotten essential items. The package must be pre-approved by the camp office. Your son will open the package in the camp office and only be allowed to keep the essential item. Please adhere to the no package policy. It is very disappointing for a package to arrive for a camper and for him to not be able to keep it if it is a non-essential item.


Attending camp provides a unique opportunity for boys to gain independence and self-reliance. Therefore, we have a no visitation policy.

There can be difficulty readjusting after a family visit for both the camper and friends or cabinmates whose parents cannot visit. We recommend parents visit camp on Opening and Closing Days to meet Falling Creek staff and view the camp facility. The days between camp sessions are dedicated to staff training and are not convenient for visits.

Birthdays at Camp
Birthdays at summer camp are great!

Campers celebrating birthdays at camp enjoy being sung to and sharing birthday cake with their cabinmates. We recommend that families celebrate prior to or after camp. If your son has a birthday while at camp, it is an option to leave a small gift in the camp office on Opening Day for our staff to deliver to him on his birthday. In the interest of fairness to all campers, we only celebrate birthdays that actually occur during the camp session.

Camp Store Allowance

The store deposit is $25 per camper for the June, Main, and 2-Week sessions and covers incidental purchases such as water bottles, toothpaste, stamps, batteries, postcards, laundry bags, or flashlights from our camp store while your child is at camp. It may also be used to cover the cost of any prescriptions, medical incidentals, or travel charges for your camper. The unused portion of the deposit will be refunded at the end of the camp session. Clothing and other camp gear is not available for campers to purchase during the camp session and must be purchased before camp through our online store. A limited number of items are available to parents to purchase on Opening and Closing days.

Should your son participate in the Main Camp Ironman event, his store account will be charged for the popular Ironman participant t-shirt.

Closing Day

Closing day is a busy and bustling time. *Please plan to pick up your son between 9:00am and 11:30am. Earlier pickups are discouraged as campers and counselors are enjoying one last hearty breakfast and time together before departure. We will then be ready to welcome you.

If your family arrives is traveling in more than one car, please carpool from a nearby gas station (Hwy 25, Exit 3) as parking is limited on Opening and Closing Days. Carpooling is encouraged.

Campers and counselors will return to their cabin after breakfast and morning assembly. If your son took medication at camp, our nurses will be at the Infirmary for you to pick up your son’s medication.

Except for charges pre-authorized by you, families will be billed after the end of the camp session for travel expenses, prescriptions, or medical expenses that exceed the store deposit.

Lastly, take a brief moment before you leave to check that you have all your son’s belongings. If he is missing an item, please alert the Program Office. Also, be sure to check the cabin porch and the Lost and Found area at the Dining Hall. Every attempt will be made to locate an item before you leave.

Travel Info

Travel by Air

Airline reservations should be made early. Please note the itinerary details, including the airline confirmation number, on the Online Travel Form by the due date. Also, email a copy of the itinerary and receipts for baggage and “Unaccompanied Minor” fees (return flights only) to .

When planning for flights to and from camp, please try to book a direct or non-stop flight. If a connecting flight is necessary, be advised that many airlines do not allow minors flying alone as a designated (paid for) “Unaccompanied Minor” on flights that connect or on the last flight of the day. We would like campers to arrive on Opening Day in time to enjoy activities, so we request that you do your best to reserve flights that arrive before noon.

Due to travel time to the airport, check-in, and security screening, we ask that departures from camp be scheduled between 9:00am and noon if possible.

Our staff will meet your son just outside the security area when he arrives at the airport. If your son is flying as an Unaccompanied Minor, our staff can meet him at the gate. Yates Pharr is the name to put on the Unaccompanied Minor form as the person picking your son up at the airport. Staff members will be wearing a white polo shirt with a green Falling Creek logo. We ask that your son wears a Falling Creek shirt, if possible, to help our staff instantly identify him at the airport.Our staff will meet your son just outside the security area when he arrives at the airport. If your son is flying as an Unaccompanied Minor, our staff can meet him at the gate. Yates Pharr is the name to put on the Unaccompanied Minor form as the person picking your son up at the airport. Staff members will be wearing a white polo shirt with a green Falling Creek logo. We ask that your son wears a Falling Creek shirt, if possible, to help our staff instantly identify him at the airport.

Note: Please check with your airline or travel agent concerning the policies for designated “Unaccompanied Minors” and other details regarding minors before booking tickets. Most airlines require that all children under the age of 15 fly as a designated “Unaccompanied Minor”.

Parents must pay for airline baggage and “Unaccompanied Minor” fees for both arrival and departure in advance. Please keep a copy of the receipts for any fees paid and email them to . We will ask to have a method of payment on file for unplanned airline charges for boys leaving camp by plane.

Our camp staff will assist boys in the airport and provide transportation to and from the Asheville, NC (AVL) and Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (GSP) airports on Opening and Closing Days at no extra charge. We suggest that campers have a carry-on bag with a change of clothes, towel, swim suit, and toiletry items in the event of delayed luggage. Please check airline policies on acceptable carry-on items (including liquids).

UPS and FedEx are the most effective means for handling trunks and large baggage. We urge you to ship trunks to and from camp if your children are flying. The baggage screening procedures and long check-in times are avoided by the children having only carry-on bags.UPS and FedEx are the most effective means for handling trunks and large baggage. We urge you to ship trunks to and from camp if your children are flying. The baggage screening procedures and long check-in times are avoided by the children having only carry-on bags.

If you do send checked luggage (trunk, duffle bag, backpack, etc.) identification tags and camp stickers should be affixed. Please put two name tags on each piece of checked luggage, showing both home and camp addresses and phone numbers. Indicate on the travel form exactly what is being checked and what is being carried on. Please check with your airline for baggage charges and policies for both arrival and departure.

Note: If your son has any issues while in route, make certain he knows to get in contact with you immediately. Then we ask that you contact us at camp with the details. Likewise, we will contact you if any issues arise while transporting your son to or from the airport.

Travel by Shuttle

Falling Creek Camp is no longer offering van shuttle service from Charlotte and Atlanta on Opening and Closing Days.

Arriving Early/Late - Departing Early/Late

We cannot accommodate campers arriving or departing on days before Opening or after Closing Days for the session. Specifics for campers arriving or departing at times outside of the arrival and departure time periods on Opening and Closing Days need to be discussed with a camp director. The same applies for campers arriving after Opening Day or leaving before Closing Day.

Shipping Luggage

To Camp: Luggage may be shipped to camp via UPS or FedEx. Please send luggage a week to ten days prior to your son’s arrival so that it will be at camp on time.

Please Note: Our shipping address DIFFERS from our mailing address.

Ship to:

  • Camper Name
    c/o Falling Creek Camp
    816 Falling Creek Camp Road
    Zirconia, NC 28790

From Camp: We take luggage to Mail Box & Pack at the end of a session to be shipped home. To expedite the process, make sure that you note this on the Online Travel Form, with address information. Please indicate which pieces of luggage are to be shipped as we match our records with those of Mail Box & Pack.

Please Note: We cannot save boxes for items to be shipped.

Contact Mail Box & Pack online at (select Camp Shipping) to arrange for pre-payment for shipping. Please do not send pre-paid shipping labels to camp.

Health Info

Health Forms

In an effort to create a happy and healthy camp community for your son, it is critical that you complete his health forms by the due date. We request that the Health Form be filled out online and the Physician’s Examination Form be downloaded for completion by the physician and faxed back or uploaded back into your son’s account once completed. The fax number is on the form and no cover sheets are needed.

Our medical staff reviews all forms prior to Opening Day. Campers will not be allowed to remain at camp without completed health forms. If your son’s physical is scheduled for a time after the due date of the Physician’s Examination Form, that is okay. Submit the form when completed. In this case, complete all other forms by the due date.

Medication and Medical Information

Our Infirmary is staffed by registered nurses and a physician throughout the summer. They screen minor complaints, provide first aid, and administer and dispense medications as needed.

A camp doctor and his family learning about Falling Creek.

Anything taken to treat or manage a condition or symptoms is considered medications. All medications must be kept in the Infirmary. With the exception of second inhalers for asthma, second epi-pens, and prescription dermatological creams, campers are not allowed to keep medication in their cabin, including pain relievers, vitamins, and other over-the-counter medications.

To improve the efficiency and accuracy of administering medication at camp, Falling Creek has specific guidelines for how medications are handled at camp. We require all of your child’s prescription(s) and any over-the-counter oral medications, taken on a daily basis, to be packaged and dispensed according to our guidelines. Any medications taken on a DAILY basis require a prescription for camp, including over-the-counter medications. For example, if your son takes Claritin every day, your doctor must write a prescription for it and it must be filled according to our guidelines. If your son may need Claritin on an occasional “as-needed” basis, you may simply bring the Claritin with you to camp. Plan to visit the Infirmary, with your son, to discuss any prescribed medications or “as needed” medications brought with you.

Please complete the Medication Management section of the online Health Form in your son’s CampInTouch account to let us know how your son’s prescription(s) will arrive at camp so that we are prepared and follow-up accordingly. Again, compliance with our medication policies is required.

All tablet and capsule medications are to be filled by a pharmacist in a specific type of unit-dose (blister pack) containers based on the time of administration, and include the prescription label on the package. This includes prescription and over-the-counter medications taken on a daily basis. If your son takes over-the-counter melatonin or Zyrtec, daily, as an example, the doctor must write a prescription and it must be filled and packaged according to our guidelines. Most doctors understand this and are happy to write a prescription.

We use 30-day unit-dose packaging at camp. If a 30-day supply of medication is sent to camp, unused medication is returned to you. Inhalers, creams and ointments, epi-pens, and liquids can be in their original packaging but must be individually labeled with the pharmacy prescription label.

Medications taken on an “as-needed” basis, such as migraine medicine, do not require unit-dose packaging but must be in the original packaging with a label. Common medications such as pain relievers, antihistamines, eardrops, wound ointments and creams, and antacids are stocked in our Infirmary. You do not need to bring such medications to camp. Due to variances in personal preferences, camp staff will not provide or apply insect repellent. Your son may bring his own non-aerosol repellent and apply it himself. Please contact a director should you have any questions or concerns.

Following are flexible options to help you meet camp’s medication guidelines. Please indicate this preference in the Medication Management section of the Online Health form:

Option 1: Use Falling Creek’s pharmacy:

You may mail or have your physician fax/e-scribe your son’s prescription(s) for camp medications, including prescriptions for any over-the counter medications taken on a daily basis, to our local pharmacy, Whitley Drugs in Hendersonville, NC. Whitley Drugs personnel will fill the prescription(s) in unit-dose (blister pack) packaging and have it delivered to camp by opening day. Also, please complete the Whitley Drugs Camper Information Form included in your CampInTouch account, and return to Whitley Drugs via fax or mail. There is a $20 fee per child for this convenient service. Please be sure to complete this process and your information form for Whitley Drugs 30 days prior to the start of camp. Whitley Drugs will process your insurance.

Option 2: Use your local pharmacy:

Ask your local pharmacist to package a supply (enough for the length of the camp session, including opening/closing days) of any prescription and over-the-counter tablet and capsule medications (prescription required), taken on a daily basis, in unit-dose (blister pack) containers that meet Falling Creek guidelines (see next section).

Vacation Overrides for Medications

You may need to fill a prescription for camp before your son’s next refill is available insurance-wise. Your pharmacy may have to do a “vacation override” to satisfy the insurance company. Whitley Drugs can work with your insurance company regarding vacation overrides, too.

Daily Medication Packaging Description:

We use 30-day unit-dose packaging at camp. A separate unit-dose package (blister pack) is used for each time of day that medication is dispensed. Please do not have multiple administration times packaged in the same blister pack. Here is an example of what unit-dose blister packs look like. This example shows 30-day supplies of medications for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, packaged separately.

For example, if medication A is taken daily at breakfast, we need (1) 30-day blister-pack for medication A. If medication A is taken at breakfast and dinner, we need 2 blister packs for medication A. If 2 medications are taken at the same time of day, they may be packaged together or in separate blister packs.

You must visit the Infirmary, with your son, on Opening Day of camp if your son takes any medication or has any health concerns. Please do not bring medications that have not been packaged according to our guidelines to camp on Opening Day. The exception would be a new prescription for an illness prescribed right before camp starts, such as an antibiotic. This would need to be in the original bottle, labeled by the pharmacy.

All unused medication will be returned to you on Closing Day. Please remember to pick up your son’s medication at the Infirmary.

The nurses regularly dispense medications four times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and prior to bedtime. When your camper is on a camp trip, his medication will be dispensed by a counselor. Unit-dose packaging helps the staff with efficient and accurate dispensing of medications.

Because some medications take 4-6 weeks to reach a therapeutic level, please speak with a director if your child’s medication has been altered within three months of the start of camp. Additionally, ADHD medications can have the same benefits for your son in the camp community as it does in school. Helping him focus in activities, or diminish impulsive behavior in social situations could give the same advantage to succeed at camp.

Incidental treatment and supplies are handled at camp with no charge, but prescriptions or “in-town” doctor or dentist visits will be billed to your insurance company on file and parents will be responsible for payment. Parents will be invoiced for any medical or prescription charges incurred by Falling Creek Camp.

Parent Communication Regarding Medical Concerns

Advanced emergency care and consultation are available at local physicians’ offices and area hospitals. A camp nurse, physician, or director will communicate with parents by phone in the unlikely event of significant illness or injury.

Parents will be notified if their son spends the night in the Infirmary, visits an out-of-camp doctor/dentist, or is prescribed a medication due to illness or injury.

Health Insurance/Insurance & Authorization Form

Campers must be covered by a health insurance policy provided by their parents. Insurance information should be provided on the Insurance & Authorization Form in your CampInTouch account. Please note that the form in your camper’s online record is uniquely barcoded for your son.

Copy the front and back of your insurance card onto the Insurance & Authorization Form. Please do not send a separate attachment.

The form also requires a signature as it authorizes medical treatment for your son in the unlikely event that it may be required. The form may be faxed back to us (number on the form), scanned and emailed to , or uploaded directly to your son’s CampInTouch account.

Dining Hall & Nutrition
Our camp community is served three well-balanced meals each day. Fruit is available as a snack throughout the day in the Dining Hall, and we serve a milk & cookie snack most evenings.Our camp community is served three well-balanced meals each day. Fruit is available as a snack throughout the day in the Dining Hall, and we serve a milk & cookie snack most evenings.

We do not limit any of the food offered to campers or staff. If your son has a food allergy, we work to offer substitutions. We do not make modifications for food preference as we offer a variety of food options.

Because we eat family style, at cookouts and buffets, and offer a salad bar, it is Falling Creek’s expectation that by sending your son to camp, you are asserting to us that your child has knowledge of their diet and can manage their food choices.

Falling Creek Camp cannot guarantee campers or staff will not come in contact with foods he/she may be allergic to, or other allergens (see Allergen Policy). If your child has a severe allergy or dietary restriction, contact the camp directors to discuss if Falling Creek Camp is properly equipped to manage it.

Allergen Policy

Falling Creek Camp uses the following guidelines pertaining to allergens in the food offered:

We are conscious of the ingredients in all our meals as it pertains to allergens. Menu items served at meals in the Dining Hall and at cookouts that contain known allergens of campers and staff are listed on an allergy board. We consider a food item to contain an allergen if it is listed in the ingredients, or the item’s packaging states language such as it “may contain” the allergen or is “made on shared equipment”. We do not consider a food item to contain an allergen if the item’s packaging states language such as it is “processed in a factory that also processes” the allergen.

Substitutions for the main course and dessert are offered.

In addition to the meal served, our salad bar/breakfast bar contains a variety of rotating items, including hummus, garbanzo beans, edamame, croutons, eggs, and sunflower seeds. We serve milk and sugar cookies most evenings (substitutions for allergens are offered). We also make soy butter and almond milk available. These options are not listed on the allergy board. Campers and staff should be aware of the risk of cross-contamination that can occur in this setting.

For meals eaten out of the dining hall on trips and pack outs, substitutions are given to those with dietary restrictions when appropriate.

What to Bring to Camp

What to Pack - Packing Lists
The packing list is a suggested list for the June and Main camp sessions. Adjust slightly for the 2-Week session (no dances). There is a separate packing list for Junior Camp.The packing list is a suggested list for the June and Main camp sessions. Adjust slightly for the 2-Week session (no dances). There is a separate packing list for Junior Camp.

Suggested Packing List for June, Main and 2-Week Sessions

It is important to pack enough clothes for a full week, plus a few extra days. Laundry is done every Friday for all in-camp sessions, except the Junior session. There will be times that campers get wet or dirty and have to change. Please use the packing checklists to help pack for camp accordingly.

We suggest using a durable camp trunk. Removable wheels should be removed before coming to camp as they often get lost. Trunks are usually kept under the bottom bunk which has a 19-1/2" clearance. See the Helpful Summer Links/Pre-Camp Shopping section for reliable trunk vendors and discounts.

Be sure to check out the Pre-Camp Checklist video found in the Video Gallery of the News section of our website.

Suggested Packing List for Junior Camp Session

There is a separate packing list for the Junior session. Although most campers won’t go on extended backpacking trips, they will go on cabin overnight campouts and need to carry a sleeping bag, rain gear, clothes, water bottle, their share of the group’s food, etc. A daypack or book bag is not large enough or sturdy enough to hold the necessary gear. See the Camping Out section for more information about gear.

We have resources for camping gear listed on our website under Helpful Summer Links/Pre-Camp Shopping. If you do not want to purchase a frame backpack, ask a friend or neighbor if they have one your son can borrow.

Footwear Policy

To prevent injuries to staff and campers, athletic shoes should be worn at all times. Crocs, flip-flops, and sandals without a heel strap are not appropriate for camp. Due to our varied terrain and active culture, closed-toe shoes and socks are recommended.

Green & Gold Shirts

Campers are assigned, by cabin, to a green or gold team upon arrival to camp. Team assignments are for all-camp games and some other in-camp activities.

The packing list for the June, Main, and 2-Week sessions includes (1) green and (1) gold t-shirt. A reversible Falling Creek green and gold shirt is available through the online store and for sale in the Camp Store on Opening Day. Green and gold t-shirts brought from home are fine. The shirts may have writing on them—they do not have to be plain.

Hammock Policy

Hammocks have become increasingly popular at camp. As an optional item, we welcome boys to bring their hammocks and straps (also include tarp, stakes, and line for out-of-camp trips) to camp. Hammocks may be used for resting in camp during appropriate times and sleeping on out-of-camp trips, following the guidelines outlined below. We do not allow campers or counselors to sleep in hammocks on cabin overnights.

Cabin overnights are limited to a single cabin and each camp site has a covered shelter allowing campers and counselors the opportunity to develop camaraderie and a sense of working together in a safe and comfortable setting. The use of hammocks on cabin overnights can diminish a shared experience. While campers and staff may bring their hammocks to use while preparing and enjoying dinner, we ask them to sleep as a group in the outpost shelter. By limiting the use of hammocks, we hope to encourage inclusion and community—themes we stress often at Falling Creek.

Hammock Guidelines

  • Hammocks may not be hung on top of each other/stacked.
  • Hammocks are to be hung at a height that allows entry without assistance/climbing.
  • There are areas of camp where hammocks are not allowed.
  • Hang hammocks to sturdy, living trees only.
  • Campers are responsible for their hammocks and accessories. Falling Creek Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged hammocks or accessories. Label hammocks and accessories.
  • Please take hammocks down when not in use.

On out-of-camp adventure trips, hammocks may be used for sleeping, however, it remains essential for campers to pack both a sleeping bag and sleeping pad as outlined in the Parent Handbook. This will ensure that, regardless of sleeping arrangement, boys remain warm and dry while camping. If a hammock is to be used for sleeping during an overnight adventure trip the following guidelines are to be observed:

  • A hammock tarp is required for protection from the elements and nighttime dew.
  • A liner, sleeping bag, or blanket should be used with the hammock for warmth and additional protection from the elements.
  • The hammock and tarp must be set-up and secured prior to nightfall.
Camper Laundry

We use a commercial laundry service and ask that you send clothing of a simple nature that will look neat with a wash-and-tumble-dry process. Laundry is sent in on a weekly basis and is returned the next day. There is no laundry service for the Junior session.

Please pack a laundry bag for your son that is of good quality and that may be securely closed. Laundry bags that cannot be securely closed may lose the contents. Again, label all clothing items.

Sheets & Blankets

Falling Creek provides sheets and blankets for all campers and staff. Therefore, personal sheets should not be brought to camp unless required for medical reasons. Falling Creek is not responsible for personal sheets and blankets. Boys should bring their own pillows, pillow cases and towels. Please label them.

What Not to Pack - Electronics Policy

Campers should not bring any food, candy, lighters, matches, water guns, weapons (see Knife Policy), balloons, aerosol spray cans to camp.

All electronics, including iPods/music players, cell phones, smart watches, and electronic readers such as Kindle and Nook, may not be brought to camp. If these items are brought to camp, we will collect them and hold them in our office until Closing Day. Campers may bring cameras/GoPros that do not have Internet connectivity with them to camp. Cameras/GoPros are only to be used outside of the cabin setting. Falling Creek Camp is not responsible for lost cameras or GoPros.

Clothing, sports gear, trading cards, and any other items of sentimental or high monetary value should left at home. Falling Creek Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Campers do not need to bring cash to camp; any incidental purchases from the Camp Store will be deducted from your son’s store account balance after the end of the camp session. Incidental purchases may include batteries, a toothbrush, stamps, or an extra water bottle. The exception is for campers who may need spending money for the airport, if flying. Cash or credit cards for travel may be checked into the Program Office on Opening Day.

Knife Policy

A small knife that fits into a pocket can be a useful tool in the backcountry. Boys aged 13 or older are permitted to bring one such knife to camp. The blade must be entirely enclosed by its handle or sheath when not in use and is not to exceed 3 inches. Lockable blades and non-serrated edges are preferred. Double-edged, spring-loaded blades, switchblade knives, or other bladed objects such as Ninja stars are not allowed.

With the highest concern for safety, boys are obligated to tell their counselor or trip leader prior to using their knife. When not in use, the knife must be stored under control of its owner.

Campers using a knife for purposes other than a beneficial tool will lose this responsibility and privilege.

Dismissal from camp will be immediate if the knife ever represents a weapon or is used irresponsibly.

It is assumed that boys, aged 13 or older, who bring a knife to camp have their parents’ approval and have proven to them that they are qualified to handle a knife properly.

Label Everything

It is important to have all of your son’s clothing and belongings clearly labeled with his full name, not initials – including shoes, sleeping bag, tennis racquet, toothbrush, backpack, trunk, etc. Sharpie markers work very well, as do name tapes, and name stamps. Visit the Pre-Camp Shopping section under Helpful Summer Links for reliable name tape and label vendors.

Lost & Found

We make a strong effort to return lost and found items while your son is at camp and have greater success if all items are labeled with his full name.

On Closing Day, please be sure to check the cabin, the cabin porch, and the Lost and Found area before leaving camp. With the exception of socks, underwear, and towels, Falling Creek will return labeled items to campers once they have left camp. Mailing related costs may be charged to your account.

Unlabeled items will be logged and kept for a short time following camp, and then donated to local charity if not claimed. Falling Creek is not responsible for lost items.

Camper Info

High Expectations of Campers

We expect all Falling Creek boys to be positive members of our camp community and abide by the Falling Creek Honor Creed and the Falling Creek Code.

Bringing to camp or use of weapons, tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia are grounds for dismissal from camp. The right is reserved by the Directors to dismiss any camper whose behavior is detrimental to the general welfare of the community. In such cases, no refund will be made.

Falling Creek Honor Creed & Code

Falling Creek Honor Creed
Believing that leadership, unselfishness, courage, honor, hope, loyalty, honesty, and fair play manifest themselves in the spirit of Falling Creek, we pledge our spirits, minds, and bodies to achieving these ideals.

The Falling Creek Code

Warrior Spirit

  • Live with courage
  • Always do your best
  • Strengthen your body, mind, & spirit
  • Persevere

Servant’s Heart

  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Make friendship a fine art
  • Take initiative to help others

Positive Attitude

  • Be fun to be around
  • Live with enthusiasm
  • Focus on the positive
  • Be grateful for God’s blessings

Moral Compass

  • Do the right thing
  • Act with integrity
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Tell the truth
Activity Progressions (Scout - Warrior) & Waypoints

Falling Creek’s camp-wide progression system gives campers the opportunity to build confidence as they advance through five levels in each activity. Each level has a set of criteria a camper must complete in order to advance in an activity. The levels are effort-based and also have leadership and service components. The names assigned to each level are:

Scout ● Explorer ● Challenger ● Ranger ● Warrior

Activity counselors chart the campers’ progress. Some levels can be achieved in a few days, while some may take several summers to complete. Campers who reach Ranger and Warrior are recognized on the Hall of Fame board on the side porch of the Dining Hall.


What are waypoints? In navigation they are a set of coordinates that represent a fixed location, or an objective along a planned course in one’s journey. Falling Creek developed the Waypoints tradition so campers and staff will have intentional objectives throughout their journey. Progression is not age restrictive as the boys are able and encouraged to pursue advancement based on their interest.

There are Waypoints for each individual’s unique course at Falling Creek. Currently, progression Waypoints can be earned in 28 activities, 4 expeditions, and 23 specialty awards. Achievements will be rewarded with Waypoint Markers at the end of each session that can proudly be displayed on a frame-worthy base map of Falling Creek’s campus.

New campers and staff will receive a map after their first summer. These Waypoints are highly sought after by campers and staff alike. We encourage the boys to challenge themselves to progress in the many activities offered at Falling Creek Camp.

Falling Creek Activities & Daily Schedules

During the June, Main, and 2-Week camp sessions your son will choose six activities to make up his daily schedule. Your son will work with program directors , activity leaders, and counsleors to create a customized activity schedul on opening day. Campers have an opportunity to adjust their schedules each week.

Activities Offered at Camp:

Archery Fly Fishing (3 period block) Sailing (3 period block)
Arts and Crafts Horseback Riding (2 period block) Soccer
Backpacking Trips Indian Lore Swimming
Basketball Lacrosse Tennis
Blacksmithing (ages 10+) Mountain Biking The HEAT (Fitness)
Cross Country Music Theater
Day Hikes Nature Ultimate Frisbee
Disc Golf Paddling (canoe/kayak) Climbing Wall
F.A.R.M. Pottery Woodworking
Fishing Riflery
Flag Football Rock Climbing

Outdoor Adventure Activities:

Opportunities for outdoor adventure activities are announced regularly and campers who sign up will opt out of their regularly scheduled activities during the time they are participating in the outdoor adventure.

Junior Session Activities:

Junior session campers follow a structured schedule with their counselors and cabinmates consisting of over 15 traditional camp activities throughout the week.

Monday through Friday Schedule

Morning Watch
Breakfast & Morning Assembly
1st Activity
2nd Activity
3rd Activity
Free Swim/Free Choice
Lunch/Rest Period
4th Activity
5th Activity
6th Activity
Free Swim/Free Choice
Evening Program
Milk & Cookies
Call to Quarters
Lights Out/Evening Embers
Taps/Camp is Silent

Saturday Schedule

Morning Watch
Breakfast & Morning Assembly
Tournaments & Special Activities
Lunch/Rest Period
All Camp Game
Free Swim/Free Choice or Overnight Departure
Evening Program
Milk & Cookies
Call to Quarters
Lights Out/Evening Embers
Taps/Camp is Silent

Sunday Schedule

Cabin Cleanup
Cabin Inspection
Church (Campers who are Catholic may attend Catholic Mass in nearby Hendersonville)
Free Swim/Free Choice
Lunch & Ice Cream Sundaes
Rest Period
Special Sign-up Activities
Supper (may be a cookout)
Evening Program
Call to Quarters
Lights Out/Evening Embers
Taps/Camp is Silent
Swim Skill Classification

The swimming ability of each camper is assessed on Opening Day. Boys that demonstrate solid swimming skills will be classified as “Gold Swimmers” and those who need to work on their skills will be termed “Green Swimmers”.

To be considered a Gold Swimmer, the following criteria must be demonstrated:

1. Jump feet first into water over the head, level off, and begin swimming.

2. Swim 100 yards (4 lengths) in a strong manner using freestyle (front crawl). Turn onto back and swim 25 yards using an easy, resting elementary backstroke. No stopping or “doggie paddling” is allowed during the Swim Check. Swimming the entire distance does not automatically qualify as showing ability. After swimming the distance an evaluation will be made whether solid skills have been demonstrated. Several factors are considered in the determining proficiency:

  • Consistent stroke throughout the whole length of the swim
  • Body level in the water
  • Arms consistently clearing the water
  • Consistent and continuous kick
  • Continuous forward motion
  • Exhaustion level by the end of the swim
  • Demonstrate ability to rest when exhausted when on back

3. Tread water for 5 minutes.

Green Swimmers are required to take swimming instruction as one of their six daily activities and are not eligible for out-of-camp sailing, paddling, and other water-related trips. Green Swimmers are able to participate in lake canoeing and free swim activities in camp, wearing PFDs.

Gold Swimmers are welcome to sign up for swimming as an activity period to improve their strokes, work on progressions, and have fun.

Camping Out

Campers at Falling Creek have opportunities for spending a night or more in the great outdoors during each session. Overnight campouts with the cabin group, canoe trips on rivers or lakes, backpacking adventures, mountain biking, and several rock climbs are a big part of our program. These could be some of the most exciting times your son spends with us at camp. Your son will need a few basic items for these camping trips. We suggest borrowing this gear if you have a source.

Frame Backpack

The frame is critical because it lets the pack maintain the proper shape for holding camping gear and helps with weight distribution. Typical school-type day packs or book bags don’t have enough room for carrying a sleeping bag, clothes, and other camping gear. The pack needs to be large enough to fit about three soccer balls inside (30-40 liters), plus have outside pockets and places where a sleeping bag can fit. The frame may be external to the pack, but internal-framed packs are popular, easy to manage, and take up less space. Lastly, be sure that the straps fit your son. Some examples of internal frame backpacks that are also adjustable for growing boys are: REI Tarn 40 (liters), Deuter Fox 30 or 40, or the Osprey Ace 38.

Rain Gear

A good rain jacket is a must at camp. It goes over fleece to keep the wind and water away. Jackets, sweaters, and hats made of fleece retain their warmth even when wet. Again, please stay away from cotton items. Avoid plastic ponchos which are easily torn when walking in the woods. A good rain jacket should repel water and preferably have a hood.A good rain jacket is a must at camp. It goes over fleece to keep the wind and water away. Jackets, sweaters, and hats made of fleece retain their warmth even when wet. Again, please stay away from cotton items. Avoid plastic ponchos which are easily torn when walking in the woods. A good rain jacket should repel water and preferably have a hood.

Sleeping Bag

Hollofill, Polarguard, or some other synthetic fill are recommended for sleeping bags for summer out-of-camp trips. Be wary of down or cotton as wet down or cotton, in a sleeping bag or on a camper’s body, is cold and miserable. The sleeping bag should fit into a stuff sack. When stuffed, it should be about the size of a watermelon or smaller. A temperature rating down to 40 degrees is adequate.

Other Camping Items

Except for long trips, where a boy may be carrying 1/4 to 1/3 his body weight in his pack, most boys will not need hiking boots. Trail-running shoes are fine, as are running or other types of comfortable/sturdy sneakers.Except for long trips, where a boy may be carrying 1/4 to 1/3 his body weight in his pack, most boys will not need hiking boots. Trail-running shoes are fine, as are running or other types of comfortable/sturdy sneakers.

Flashlights and Head Lamps with LED’s are wonderful on trips and around camp at night.

A pad to place under their sleeping bag is essential. Some are made of foam material that is more comfortable than simply sleeping on the ground. Others fill with air when used, and then deflate for packing.

Please label all gear.

Visit the Pre-Camp Shopping page in the Helpful Summer Links section of our website for reliable vendors of outdoor equipment.

Social Media Policy

Campers and staff may not post words, photos, or videos that may reflect negatively on camp, other campers, or staff members. It is each parent’s responsibility to monitor his/her son’s Facebook page and other social media outlets. We have staff guidelines regarding social media use and interaction with campers outside of camp. We cannot be responsible for staff/camper interaction outside of your camper’s camp session.

Helpful Summer Links

Pre-Camp Shopping

The following vendors have been very helpful to our camp families by providing great service and discounts.

Falling Creek’s Online Store and Camp Trunks

  • Everything Summer Camp
    Falling Creek families get great discounts on camp trunks and lots of other camp gear. Use code BEHOLD in the camp code box on the home page of Everything Summer Camp’s website.

Other Camp Trunks

Clothing Labels

Outdoor Gear

  • Diamond Brand
    Use Network Key DB34011
    Families receive a discount as part of the Falling Creek network.
  • Nantahala Outdoor Center
    And, if you choose to purchase gear from, use the discount code “FALLINGCREEK” for 15% off your purchases.
Boarding Schools in the Area
North Carolina Camps for Girls
Business & Technology Partners
  • ACA – American Camp Association
  • Kandle Dining – Professional camp food services
  • Nantahala Outdoor CenterSOLO Wilderness Medicine, Whitewater Instruction, & Outdoor Gear
  • Diamond Brand Outdoors – Outdoor gear and clothing
  • Jackson Kayak – Whitewater Boats
  • Sycamore Cycles – Mountain Bikes
  • CampMinder – Photos, news & email tools for summer camps
  • Ronningen Design – Summer camp web site design
  • Tommy Penick – Photography & Video
  • Tor Ramsey – – Video
North Carolina Youth Camp Association
Logo for the NCYCA

Falling Creek is a supporter and member of the North Carolina Youth Camp Association (NCYCA).

NCYCA works to enhance and educate the public’s understanding of North Carolina camps and the value of camping throughout the state and beyond.

Places to Stay & Local Attractions

Area Place Contact Notes
Asheville, NC Doubletree Biltmore Hotel 828.274.1800
Asheville, NC Residence Inn Biltmore 828.274.1800
Asheville, NC Sleep Inn Biltmore 828.274.1800
Asheville, NC Quality Inn & Suites 828.274.1800
Asheville, NC Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park 828.209.2700
Asheville, NC Grand Bohemian Hotel 888.717.8756 Promotion code “CAMP
Asheville, NC Residences at Biltmore 866.433.5594 Use Code Camp15 for a special camp discount!
Asheville, NC Airport Comfort Inn 828.687.9199
Asheville, NC Airport Fairfield Inn 828.684.1144
Asheville, NC Airport Hampton Inn 828.687.0806
Asheville, NC Airport Clarion Inn 828.684.1213
Flat Rock, NC Fairfield Inn & Suites 828.513.5100
Flat Rock, NC Holiday Inn Express & Suites 888.897.0088
Flat Rock, NC Mountain Inn & Suites 828.692.7772
Flat Rock, NC Mountain Lodge 828.693.9910 Mention Falling Creek Camp and receive a 15% discount
Hendersonville, NC Best Western 828.692.0521
Hendersonville, NC The Cascades Mountain Resort 828.595.8155
Hendersonville, NC Comfort Inn 828.693.8800
Hendersonville, NC Days Inn 828.697.5899
Hendersonville, NC Hampton Inn 828.697.2333
Hendersonville, NC Quality Inn & Suites 828.692.7231
Hendersonville, NC Ramada 828.697.0006
Travelers Rest, SC Hampton Inn 844.834.5550 $109 Summer Camp Special
Bed & Breakfasts and Resorts
Area Place Contact Notes
Hendersonville, NC The Canoe Dock 828.696.8060
Hendersonville, NC The Charleston Inn 828.693.6737
Hendersonville, NC Cottage at Long Mountain 828.696.2011
Hendersonville, NC Elizabeth Leigh Inn 828.808.5305
Hendersonville, NC The Henderson 828.696.2001
Hendersonville, NC Highland Lake Inn & Resort 800.635.5101 10% lodging discount for camp families
Hendersonville, NC Mill House Lodge 800.736.6073
Hendersonville, NC Timberlake Cabin 828.458.5301
Hendersonville, NC Waverly Inn 828.693.9193
Mills River, NC Bed and Breakfast on Tiffany Hill 828.290.6080
Saluda, NC Blue Firefly Inn 828.808.4248
Saluda, NC Orchard Inn 800.581.3800
Saluda, NC Saluda Inn Bed & Breakfast 828.749.9698
Saluda, NC The Oaks Bed and Breakfast 800.893.6091
Tryon, NC Pine Crest Inn 800.633.3001
Hendersonville & Flat Rock Area Attractions
Asheville Area Attractions
Brevard Area Attractions

Regarding our list of accommodations in and around the Hendersonville area—Rates vary widely so it is best to call the location for information. Summers are a very busy time so try to make reservations early, especially if you choose a resort or bed & breakfast.