You hear the announcement and you think, this is going to be cool. You show up to the activity and you think, this is way better than cool, this is awesome! Ultimate frisbee is an activity period usually played on the upper field, next to the gym. Only this day is different. This day the boys learn to do a full spread and the lake turns into the perfect safety blanket. As each boy hesitantly steps up to the diving board, they wait for instructions. Neil, the lead ultimate frisbee counselor, better known as Ultimate Neil, says to go at the frisbee with no fear. Even a hint of doubt will kill your form. As you watch the first counselor demonstrate, you understand the meaning of giving it your all.


He runs and jumps several feet from the diving board into a superman like pose over the water. Fully extending his body and fully committing to the pursuit of the frisbee. Even though he does not catch this particular throw, he sets the mentality for the boys to follow. The full spread must be done with full confidence.

As the first boy steps up, the look in his eyes shows hesitation and uncertainty. He is quickly showered with words of encouragement. The camper takes a breath, runs, and jumps into the air. His knees tuck in and the frisbee flies past his hand. Ooooo, miss. The counselors quickly point out that he did not extend his whole body. He did not fully commit. As the boys behind him step up, each one takes their first jump in the similar manner. Jumping the first time with novice uncertainty.


Then something great happens. A frisbee is caught. Everyone screams. This catch fuels the next camper and the next until everyone is doing the superman over the water. It gets more amazing. A camper jumps, catches, and then throws back the frisbee to the dock before even making a splash. And incredibly the frisbee was caught by a fellow camper, waiting in line for his turn to fly. The ultimate throw. Everyone explodes. The whole camp can hear and eventually a crowd forms around the lake. The audience only empowers the boys. By the time lunch pulls around, the whole camp has heard or witnessed about the happenings of ultimate frisbee.


-Maddie Roberts