FCC Coral Gables 10-27-13

Yates traveled south to Coral Gables, Fl where Bill and Allison Holly hosted the Falling Creek Camp movies and Reunion for the greater Miami area at their beautiful home fronting the famous Biltmore Hotel golf course. Their sons Hayes, Anders, and Jay did a fine job helping their parents to prepare and then host the event.

FCC Coral Gables 10-27-13 eating supper as a group

It was similar to a Saturday evening at camp “supper on the land sports field” feel tonight with the boys taking their pizza and/or chicken out on the fringe of the golf course to eat and enjoy each others company before we talked about camp and showed the new camp movie.

FCC Coral Gables 10-27-13 eating supper

Everyone enjoyed getting their 2014 exclusive trunk stickers for participating tonight. Many thanks to the Holly’s for an outstanding event!