Hello from Lake Summit!Hello from Lake Summit!

Sure, the high energy activities and competitive games in camp are exciting, but when it’s a breezy summer day, there’s only one place to be. Falling Creek’s sailing docks are located nearby on scenic Lake Summit, a relaxing lake nestled in the heart of Tuxedo. Tuxedo is about the farthest thing from a bustling city, which provides the perfect backdrop for a calm day on the water. Whether boys want to take a break from their regular activities, enjoy the lake views, or work on their progressions and become a more adept sailor, there are two opportunities every day to head over to Lake Summit: once for the morning and again for the afternoon. Lake Summit is much larger than either of the lakes on camp property, so we make the short trip twice daily for boys to have the chance to sail on a body of water big enough for a quality sailing experience.

Boys were signed up for some beginner lessons this morning at the sailing docks. This afternoon, more experienced campers were busy rigging the boats to set sail. Among them was Sam F., who is a Warrior in sailing. In fact, he recently earned his third Warrior, qualifying him to be a Journeyman. He was modeling his Servant’s Heart this afternoon, making sure all the other boys had their boats rigged and were set up before he sailed himself. When I asked him what the hardest part about earning his Warrior was, he said, “probably all the different cloud formations I had to learn, and what they mean for the incoming weather.”

We have three different kinds of sailboats at our docks: Sunfish, Aquafin, and Laser Pico. Ved was explaining their slight differences to me as he decided which one to sail today. The positive to the Pico is that they were a little easier to rig, but Ved thought the Sunfish were faster. “I like the Laser Picos,” he told me. “They’re not as fast, but they’re easier to control and steer.” This afternoon though, Sam told Ved he would help him raise the sails on a Sunfish, so Ved got to sail a slightly different boat than normal.

Smat helped hold the boom while the boys raised the main sheet until the line was taut. Something I learned today, is that the Sunfish has two masts along with the boom. Everything went smoothly as they set up the sails, but while Smat was trying to put the keel in the bottom of the boat’s hull, he lost his balance and fell into the lake fully clothed! Luckily though, Smat didn’t mind much and they got Ved successfully out on the water. As he sailed off, Ved shouted back, “This Sunfish is so cool!”

Meanwhile, Bruce L., Johnny R., and Zach J. were getting ready to set sail in their own boat. Bruce and Zach have been to camp for 9 years each, and this is Johnny’s 5th. However, they didn’t start sailing until recently. It wasn’t until Smat saw them hanging out under the Dining Hall and asked them what they had planned for the afternoon. He suggested they try out sailing, so they all signed up together and ended up really enjoying it. They liked learning something new, but also liked having the chance to hang out with each other and enjoy a beautiful setting.

Gresh and Sam Limby were the other two counselors at the dock this afternoon besides Smat. Gresh was teaching David how to tie off a sail on a mast, and explaining the difference between a “bite” and a loop on a rope. Sam was helping install a new rope to tie the boats to when they weren’t using them. Sam also makes sure the sailing docks are cozy and inviting, because he always has supplies ready to make tea, just like back home. Sam is from England, and says that he only drinks “Twinings Earl Grey” at the docks, because that’s the only tea worth drinking. He even set up a way to warm water and brought his own kettle down, ready to share if the boys want some afternoon tea as well.

You can’t beat a pretty day at the docks, and we’ve been pretty lucky with the weather this session. With just one more week of activities left in Main Camp, the boys are looking forward to as much sailing (and every other activity) as they can with the time we have left. We’re hoping for a “bluebird day” tomorrow at Lake Summit!

-Annie Pharr

More Highlights From This Thursday:

  • Alex led us in Morning Watch today, reading a story and quote to support our Moral Compass. He talked about following your Moral Compass to find what is right or wrong, challenging everyone to follow their compass and make good decisions during the day.
  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs with sausage, cheese, salsa, and tortillas to make breakfast burritos, fresh strawberries and blueberries on the yogurt and granola bar, plus an oatmeal bar
  • Lunch: Baked potatoes with ham, sour cream, cheese, and salsa, plus sliced apples and sautéed broccoli. Ice cream sandwiches were the dessert!
  • Dinner: Cheese tortellini with creamy herb tomato sauce, meatballs, green beans, warm Italian bread, a full salad bar, and mini apple pie bites for dessert.
    Evening Program: Cherokee on the turf field playing “yoshi ball” and other games, Catawba played ping pong, foosball, under the Dining Hall, Tuscarora and Iroquois had a tribe vs. tribe dodgeball game.
The climbers are enjoying Foster Falls and Sand Rock outside Chattanooga, Tennessee today!The climbers are enjoying Foster Falls and Sand Rock outside Chattanooga, Tennessee today!
Full focus on the basketball courts todayFull focus on the basketball courts today
Hanging out with Inky and Queenie, two of camp's chickensHanging out with Inky and Queenie, two of camp's chickens
Cooling off at Sliding Rock!Cooling off at Sliding Rock!