Camp Horses

Horse Photo Horse Name
Baloo Baloo: Born May 24, 1984, Baloo is a Dark Bay Quarterhorse. His favorite book is, you guessed it, The Jungle Book. His best friend is our horse Danny.
Buck Buck: Born April 24, 1995, Buck is a liver chestnut and is good in the riding ring. He has one white foot... I think he stepped in a bucket of paint.
Buckwheat Buckwheat: Born in July of 2000, he is a paint. He is a well-known artist in the horse community. He's always leaving buckets of paint laying around.
Buddy Buddy: His name says it all. Buddy is the horse version of "Man's Best Friend." He fetches like a puppy.
Chico Chico: Chico is the designer horse of the herd. Notice his coloring, and how he doesn't blend in to the environment. He want's to stand out from the crowd and be seen.
Clyde Clyde: Clyde may look like a normal horse, but let me tell you, he's a cross-over athlete. He's won at least 8 NASCAR championships and holds 4 Tour de France titles.
Cody Cody: Born on July 17, 2002, he is a paint gelding. He is a good beginner horse. Cody recently got his license to drive motorcycles... but he is having trouble finding a helmet that fits.
Cruz Cruz: This horse has starred in some major motion pictures like Mission Impossible and Top Gun.
Danny Danny: Born on April 28, 1980, he is a chestnut gelding. He is a good beginner horse in the ring and out on the trail. He is the wise grandfather of the herd. Danny likes to walk next to Baloo.
Gemini Gemini: Born in 1991, he is good all around horse in both the ring and on trails. He is the best fly fisherman in North Carolina, but he doesn't like to eat trout.
Gizmo Gizmo: Born in 1990, Gizmo is a red roan and a good all around camp horse. He is good at fixing things and is a great all around handyhorse.
Hershey Hershey: He came from Pennsylvania. His favorite food is... you guessed it... chocolate.
Kosmo Kosmo: Kosmo, more commonly known by his last name, Kramer, starred in a hit television show on NBC. It was very popular in the 1990s.
Mars Mars: He is our resident astronaut. He is the only horse to have ever been in outer space.
Maybe Baby Maybe Baby: She is our only female horse, and is a competitive swimmer. She is also an avid SCUBA diver.
Merlin Merlin: Merlin is a mysterious horse. He is sometimes seen wearing a magician's hat.
Montana Montana: This is one of our largest horses. He doesn't play guitar very well, but he was around a long time before Hannah.
Parlimentarian Parlimentarian: We call him Parley. He is our former race horse. He's very tall and very fast. He decided, however, that he didn't like all of the attention that comes from being a famous track star.
Pharoah Pharoah: This horse once galloped across the Sahara Desert. He was chasing a truck full of carrots.
Reggie Reggie: Once a famous baseball player, Reggie only plays golf now. He moved to camp because of the many high-quality golf courses in the area.
Samson Samson: Samson is a trained Ninja. He is a self-defense consultant in the winter, when he's not being ridden.
Shorty Shorty: Is tall.
Skittles Skittles: He is a paint gelding pony and is good for all riders. Skittles may be a small pony, but has more attitude than any other horse in our herd. He was once rumored to have wrestled a crocodile - and won.
Wilbhur Wilber: His full name is "Wilber de Bubs, Duke of Thunderhead." Wilber is one of the largest land-holders in western North Carolina.

Camp Life

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