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The Falling Creek
Pre-Camp Toolbox

The Falling Creek Camp Pre-Arrival Toolbox

Answers to your questions!

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Questions from campers

What did camp look like in the past?

What are the cabins like?

What does a cabin bathroom look like?

Who will be my counselor?

What if I get homesick at camp?

Who will help me stay healthy?

How does the mail work at camp?

How is the food?

What are the mealtime blessings sung at camp?

Who washes my clothes?

What if I have a birthday at camp?

What is Warrior Ball?

Things to know before camp

What do I need to pack?

What activities are there to choose from at camp?

What is a normal day like at camp?

What are weekends like at camp? (coming soon)

What is the swim test?

Your First Day at Camp. (coming soon)

Father and Son Camp

Father/Son Weekend Pre-Arrival Information Page

Checklists and Forms from the Toolbox

Packing Checklist for the Summer

Camper's Online Health Form

Father/Son Packing Checklist

Camp's first year: 1969

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