The Summer of a Lifetime

Community with Purpose

It is referred to as, "The Camp Bubble." Camp is a place where everyone helps, respects, tries their best, and does the right thing. We ask each camper and staff member to pledge to follow our code and live it every day.

The Falling Creek Code

Warrior Spirit
Positive Attitude
Live with courage
Be fun to be around
Always do your best
Live with enthusiasm
Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit
Focus on the positive
Be grateful for God’s blessings
Servant's Heart
Moral Compass
Follow the Golden Rule
Do the right thing
Treat everyone with respect
Act with integrity
Make friendship a fine art
Take responsibility for your actions
Take initiative to help others
Tell the truth

Personal & Professional Development

We offer staff opportunites to increase their skills and knowledge from the day they are hired and throughout the summer.

We send resources in the mail, e-mail, and have extensive online offerings while you are away from camp.

In May, everyone takes part in our week-long Staff Development and Camp Orientation. Some staff members actually arrive two to three weeks prior to this to attain certifications and skills specific to their position at camp.

During the summer, we offer something every week for our staff. It may be during the weekly staff meeting, a guest speaker one evening, or an inservice training for a group of counselors.

Staff Benefits

Each day at camp brings adventure that promises opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Your Time
    • We offer 11 weeks of employment that fits perfectly with your summer break.
    • Generous scheduled weekly time off you can spend to recharge your batteries and to explore wonderful Western North Carolina.
  • Your Future
    • Skill Improvement. By teaching activities you are talented at, your own skills will improve. Perfecting the basics with the campers on a day-to-day basis gives you a solid foundation for your own adventures.
    • Unrivaled responsibility. We don't start you at the bottom and give you busywork; you are directly involved in running camp and helping us succeed. You are responsible for eight campers for 11 weeks in your cabin, and however many campers attend your activity on a daily basis.
    • Marketing experience. You have to market your activity. We have 26 activities at camp, and they all compete for the campers' time. Some days you'll get to offer a program or activity out of the "norm." This is your chance to shine. Let the campers see what you're excited about.
  • Your Finances
    • We offer a competitive and progressive pay structure.
    • You'll receive the pay at the end of the summer, but you can withdraw weekly advances to pay bills or use on your time off.
    • Room and Board is included during your time of employment.
  • Your Health
    • You'll never be short on exercise at camp. We walk or hike everywhere, and most evenings we play an active large-group game that involves everyone.
    • We require you to come with personal health insurance coverage, but we provide Workman's Compensation Coverage.
    • Our Health Center is staffed with three nurses 24/7. We also have a doctor living on-site each week. They help campers and staff with routine health needs.
    • You may take advantage of staff-organized early morning exercise offerings and weekly devotions.
  • Your Connections
    • Camp is a place where lifelong friendships begin. You'll meet campers and staff members that will stick with you forever.
    • Networking. Camp opens up a great network of alumni and parents who are employers and business owners. They know what it takes to be a camp counselor and the broad set of skills you possess.

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