Life at Falling Creek Camp

A camper smiles during morning assembly.

We are a friendly open community where everyone quickly feels like family. 280 campers is an ideal size; large enough to allow for a broad range of activity choices, yet small enough for individual attention in each activity and cabin group.

Interactive Map

Map of Falling Creek Camp for Boys

Click on “The Blob” to see high flying campers... or the “Roller Coaster”... or the “High Wire”... you never know what kind of fun you'll run into at camp!

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“A camp experience is something you can’t get anywhere else. It allows you to not just build skills like paddling and tennis, but you build life skills–how to get along with others and how to be independent and make decisions for yourself, that you never would have a chance to do at home or in a classroom setting.” Yates Pharr, FCC Director

Summer Camp Program

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