The Best Job You've Ever Had

Community with Purpose

Camp is a place where everyone helps, respects, uplifts others, tries their best, and does the right thing. We ask each camper and staff member to pledge to follow the Falling Creek Camp Code and live it every day.

Staff – Apply Now!

I fondly hold Falling Creek Camp in concert with the most special and remarkable places that I’ve had the privilege to experience.” – Counselor

The Falling Creek Code

Warrior Spirit

Servant’s Heart

Positive Attitude

Moral Compass

Personal & Professional Development

We offer staff opportunities to increase our team members’ skills and knowledge from the day they are hired and throughout the summer.

We send resources via mail and e-mail, and share extensive online resources while you are away from camp.

In May we host an almost two-week Staff Development and Camp Orientation. Some staff members must arrive two to three weeks prior to this to attend certification clinics for their areas of expertise at camp.

During the summer, we offer learning opportunities each week for our staff from guest speakers to in-service training.

Staff Benefits

Each day at camp brings adventure, physical recreation, and endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Your Time

Your Future

Our FARM program is a chance for campers and staff to interact and understand the natural world.

Skill Improvement

By teaching activities, your own skills will improve. Perfecting the basics with the campers on a day-to-day basis gives you a solid foundation for your own adventures.

Unrivaled Responsibility

We don’t start you at the bottom and give you busywork; you are directly involved in running camp and helping campers succeed. You are responsible for eight campers in your cabin, as well as the campers you instruct in various activities.

Marketing Experience

You will need to market your activity! Since there are 28 activities at camp, each one competes for the attention of our campers. And some days you’ll have the chance to offer programs or activities out of the “norm.” This will be your chance to shine and let the campers see what you’re excited about.

Your Finances

Your Health

Your Connections

Our camp community gathers together at weekly campfires.