Life at Falling Creek

Changing the Trajectory of Boys’ Lives

Since 1969, Falling Creek has been partnering with parents and attracting campers from almost every state and numerous countries. Campers return year after year, and many become staff members. Falling Creek is an experience a boy carries with him for a lifetime.

A community of fun and friendship. We are a friendly, open community where everyone quickly feels like family. We believe 312 campers is the ideal size; large enough to allow for a broad range of activity choices, yet small enough for individual attention in each activity and cabin group.

Making choices “Boys at Falling Creek learn about humility, about expressing themselves, and making decisions. We view ourselves as an educational institution – a different kind of education than boys get during the rest of the year. It’s about developing self-worth, learning how to live with a group of people, how to see opportunities for growth and pursue them,” says Yates Pharr, Director. “Although we recognize the importance of learning skills, the values and character development that takes place at camp is ultimately the greatest benefit to each boy.”

Moral Compass - Campers shaking hands after a tennis match at camp. Good sportsmanship!

This was our son’s second year at Falling Creek and the confidence level he has acquired is remarkable. He was so comfortable and eager to try new things without hesitation. I feel certain that we owe this comfort and confidence to your fabulous staff.” – Elise Max, (Parent)