Music Gallery

We’ve created a Spotify playlist of some of the most popular camp songs.

Download some of our most popular camp music! Some songs were recorded live at camp and some were recorded in a studio by our musicians. We hope you’ll enjoy the music and come to camp ready to sing along!

Song mp3 Download
Carolina in My Mind carolina-in-my-mind.mp3
Country Roads country-roads.mp3
Fire on the Mountain fire-on-the-mountain.mp3
Fox on the Run fox-on-the-run.mp3
It’s a Great Day to Be Alive its-a-great-day-to-be-alive.mp3
Leroy Brown leroy-brown.mp3
One Tin Soldier one-tin-soldier.mp3
Paradise paradise.mp3
Rocky Top rocky-top.mp3
Wagon Wheel wagon-wheel.mp3
Will the Circle be Unbroken will-the-circle-be-unbroken.mp3