I escaped the snow showers and cold weather to travel to central and southern Florida this week. Wow, 70 degrees is nice!

Winter Park, FL Movie Showing

(l to r) Yates, Zac, Andrew & Tyler at the Allen’s home in Winter Park, FL on Tuesday, January 10 for the Falling Creek Camp “movies”

On Tuesday, January 10, Bret and Kim Allen hosted the Falling Creek Camp movies in Winter Park, FL. Bret is from Winter Park and not only had a wonderful camping experience with FCC’s Frank Tindall at Camp Deerwood, but both were early partners with Elizabeth Tindall in directing/owning Camp Illahee. I enjoyed catching up with a number of current campers and their families who attended. Both the boys and the parents had entertaining stories to share with the new families. I want to thank the Allen’s for bringing us all together.

Orlando, FL Movie Showing

(l to r) Brantly, Jonathan (front), Clay, Malcolm & Yates. Some of the veteran FCC campers at the Clayton’s home in Orlando, FL on Wednesday, January 11 for the Falling Creek Camp “movies”

Across a series of lakes, Brant and Yvonne Clayton hosted the Falling Creek Camp movies at their home the following night. Their three boys, Brantly, Malcolm and Jonathan, are FCC veterans. There were a number of other veteran campers who shared their camp experiences with the new families who were interested in learning more about Falling Creek. A big thanks to the Clayton’s for hosting the fun!