1970 Alumni Photo

From L to R. Top Row: Buck Davis, Jim Turner, Frank Evans, David Turner. Bottom Row, L to R, Jack Milner, Phil Walker, John Lovett, Spence Monroe

We are excited to announce that there were a couple of alumni who correctly responded to the “Who, What, When & Where?” Photo in the recent Alumni Newsletter. Huge accolades for your amazing memory recall guys! The answers included:

"Hello FC:
Claudia probably remembers me and knows I have insider knowledge on the “Who, What, When & Where” photo in the Dec. 6th newsletter…

It is funny what the mind recalls. The photo was taken at the rifle hut, located at the far end of the sports field when the photo was taken in the summer of 1970. The 1970 Honor Council pictured is made up of Buck Davis, from Lexington, Kentucky I believe, though I wouldn’t bet the farm it. I just remember dating his first cousin Lisbon Davis of Owensboro, Kentucky while in medical school. I think Buck completed a general surgery residency in Augusta where he used to party with my partner Van Nichols of Greensboro (a Camp Morehead alum). Buck is on the far left, top row. Next to him is Jim Turner of Sarasota, Florida. To Jim’s left is Frank Evans, also from Sarasota. Frank was a great friend. I was not able to make contact with him in the early 1990’s when I was in Sarasota. If you know anything current about him I would appreciate feedback. David Turner, Jim Turner’s cousin and also from Sarasota, is on the far right, top row. Jack Milner is on the far left, seated. Phil Walker is seated middle, to my right. Phil is from Miami Shores, FL and also a good camp friend. Last time I saw him was in San Francisco in 1983 while on the way to ski @ Lake Tahoe. He was working in SF as an attorney after graduating from W&L law school. Phil was always entertaining. I hope he is well. Spence Monroe is seated far right. Spence and his brother Jay were always the gracious hosts in Marimont, OH. I have many a fond memory of visiting them and their family while in high school.
I still have my FC Honor Council pin and have been known to wear it on my clinic coat when I need inspiration. What great memories!
Best to all at Falling Creek.“

John Lovett FC ‘69-’70, Wilmington, NC

PS: Any word on Sammy Wood, 1969 & 1970 water safety instructor?

”Season’s greetings!
Regarding the “who, what, when and where” in your December issue, the only one that I can name with any certainty is the camper in the bottom left because it’s me - Jack Milner. I grew up in Raleigh and my mother and sisters all attended Greystone. I was a founding camper in 1969 and also attended in 1970 and 1971. The who of the picture includes a Rouse, a couple of Turners, a Spence and maybe a Frank, a Jay and a Phil but I can’t get any closer than that. The What eludes me also (was there something like Honor Campers?). The Where would be an equipment shed on the Athletic Field and the When I’d have to guess was 1969 or maybe 1970. I think this picture was taken on the same day that a softball picture was taken that was later used in a Falling Creek postcard. I was the batter in that photo. I live in St. Louis now and have a ten year old son that might like to attend some summer.
Best wishes for the Holidays!"

Jack Milner Saint Louis, MO

The two responses above prove that there’s nothing like camp friendships and memories! Please send us copies of your old Falling Creek photos and memorialbelia as we are interested in building a historical “library” for Falling Creek Camp. Thanks for keeping in touch with us and continuing to carry the flame.