Two beautiful, exotic snakes were donated to Falling Creek by The Wilds, a camp near Brevard, NC. They had used the snakes as part of their Nature Program, but decided that they were too much trouble to keep during the off-season.

A Ball Python, perhaps the gentlest of all exotic snakes!A Ball Python, perhaps the gentlest of all exotic snakes!

Most problems with keeping tropical snakes involve the feeding and overall enclosure temperature. Unlike our native species that don’t eat between fall and late spring, boas and pythons feed year-round. And as they become larger, they need food that is expensive and sometimes hard to locate.

Normally, our Nature Program restricts itself to critters who are native to the NC mountains. Since Steve Longenecker does many school and Scout programs during the school year, he accepted these snakes to use in those roles and will let them become part of our 2012 program at FCC

These two seem to not only eat readily, but have gentle personalities and accept handling quite nicely. They are welcomed as important facets of Falling Creek’s Nature Program and could well-become “camper favorites” by the time summer’s over!

Steve knows, from his many years doing snake programs, that one of the most important aspects of those programs is giving the audience a chance to touch/hold non-venomous examples. He knows that doing that is often a huge breakthrough for “snake haters,” and often permits them to have an entirely-different attitude towards one of the most misunderstood animals on Earth.

If you’d like to keep up with SFL and the snakes and raptors, you can visit his website.