After a busy fall semester of classes and leading various on-campus organizations at the University of Knoxville, 2009 staff members Crom Carey and Jonathan Grayson (a.k.a. JBone) decided to start their Christmas break with trip to Tuxedo.

Jonathan and Crom

While in the area, the pair devised a plan to incorporate as many different activities into a 36-hour visit as possible.

The first phase of the mission included a visit to a local Mex-Cali restaurant to see who would step up to the challenge of the “mucho mexicano,” which combines several different traditional Mexican delights into one dish. Crom accepted the challenge and walked away with the knowledge that he had earned his spot on the list of folks who have finished the “mucho mexicano.” After dinner the group at the table enjoyed hearing camp stories from Robert Kirby, who is a master story teller and long time Falling Creek Counselor.

Crom in DuPont

The second phase of their plan was to ride mountain bikes at DuPont State Forest and discuss trip ideas for the shocktaw for next summer.

It was a wonderful plan, but the temperature dropped overnight to a chilly 28-degrees. Crom, JBone, and Ben Williams made sure they had all of the warmest gear they could carry and set off for the DuPont-Two parking lot to ride eastern slickrock at it finest.

JBone in DuPont

The trio rode several trails, fixed a flat tire, practiced catching air, and enjoyed the day fully!

The final phase of their plan was to return to Knoxville for a 7:00 p.m. play! It was great to see you guys!