It is that time of year again! We are constantly asked, “Are you ready for Christmas?” Less than 10 days away from Christmas and most people are trying to find time to get to the store, are waiting for their online purchases to make it to their door step, or maybe you are one of the many still trying to figure out what in the world to get their children or grandchildren for Christmas!

We are here to help! From the perfect Christmas gift to some awesome stocking stuffers, Falling Creek is here for you!!

The Perfect Gift!

falling creek climbing wall

These days, there is so much out there, from toys to electronics, which it seems that most toys these days are electronics! There is one small problem with electronics, however, within a few years, they are out of date or they break! So, what is the perfect gift?

Imagine a gift that lasts a lifetime! A gift that develops a child’s interpersonal skills, resilience, competence, decision making skills, and so much more! A gift that creates memories, bonds, and friendships that will last forever! What “thing” can do all of that?

Summer Camp!

Falling Creek offers the opportunity for your boy to experience, grow, and develop skills from physical to social that will mold them for success in school, athletics, college, and through adulthood. We offer camp from one week to four week sessions for boys starting in 1st grade. We also offer father-son weekends where the skills and memories can be developed as early as kindergarten, experiencing camp with their dad! Falling Creek also has expeditions; amazing adventure-based trips where the boys travel to places from Ecuador to Utah to grow their skills in backpacking, paddling, rock climbing, or mountain biking.

falling creek expedition

Camp truly is the “perfect” gift! But for those of you who have already picked camp, we have some awesome stocking-stuffers too!

Falling Creek just recently partnered with Everything Summer Camp and built an online store. We have amazing gear from all sorts of clothing, to mugs, to posters, and so much more. To have your order by the Christmas, it is recommended that you make your purchase by the 18th. We will also be updating and adding more to our store over the next few weeks, so make sure to check it out before camp!

You can visit the Falling Creek store here!

To learn more about what Falling Creek can offer you and your family, please contact our office at 828.692.0262 or .

You can also apply for camp at