It is opening day and the boys can barely sit still in the car as you trek up the gravel road, winding up Falling Creek’s mountain side. Once at camp, the boys are running to their cabin while you are trying to keep up! Checking each stop off your Opening Day Checklist, there is one stop you must make;

The Camp Store!

There are some new items we have added to our store inventory this year, as well as some key items that your camper will not want to experience camp without!

falling creek camp laundry bag

The FCC Laundry Bag

For the boys staying at camp longer than one week, camp provides a laundry service so the boys can get their clothes smelling good! Even the one week campers are going to want to a place to put their dirty clothes instead of sticking them back in the trunk with their clean ones. This laundry bag is mesh and breathable with a place for the boy’s name! Perfect for camp, it can also be useful for vacations and the college dorm room.

The Team Shirts

falling creek camp team shirts

Team Green! Team Gold! No matter what team your son is on, when it comes down to the Green and Gold competitions, he will be ready!! This shirt is a pre-order item only! It will not be in the Camp Store, but instead will be given out to the boys who ordered it by cabin. Which ever team their cabin ends up on, that is the shirt they will receive. You do not have to order a team shirt, but can pack a green and gold shirt in their trunk! Just remember, they will not know what team they are on until opening day.

falling creek tervis

The FCC Tervis Tumbler
A brand new item this year, the Tervis is known for durability. With our logo and the Falling Creek green lid, this item is great to travel with, use in the office, or at school!

Crazy Creek Chair

One camp item that all campers will want that will last them summer after summer is the Crazy Creek Chair. Not only does it have the Falling Creek Code on it, but this easy to carry and easy to pack chair is perfect for campfires and overnights! They are also awesome to have at home as well as athletic events and bleachers!

FCC Blanket


This super comfy blanket is made out of sweatshirt material. It will become a new favorite blanket to have on the couch during family movie time and is stylish to show-off on the bed. It will also be very handy to have on those crisp summer nights at camp. This one is a definitely a camper favorite.

The FCC Tie

falling creek tie

After a Social Media contest through our Facebook and Instagram pages, this beautiful blue FCC neck tie and bow tie was voted on and won a spot in our store this summer! Created by Collard Greens, the tie is a light blue with the FCC logo imprinted on it. Since the boys will not need a tie during the summer time, it will only be for sale on closing days. What an awesome gift for dad, granddad, or your collegiate family member.


All pre-orders are due on April 30! We have so many more items to look at on our “website!” The pre-order forms are located in your CampInTouch account under the Forms and Documents section. By pre-ordering an item, you are guaranteed that item, so do not miss out on a camper favorite by waiting until the summer.