As people who have come to camp for a while know, there are many sounds people associate with their time here. For anyone feeling nostalgic now that camp has ended, we are having a series that brings you a different variety of noises each month that may transport you back to that special place up on the mountain. Perhaps these noises will inspire a story about your time here at camp. If they do, feel free to tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.

They can be pedestrian noises that you could hear anywhere, or they could be unique, like…


Falling Creek Bullfrog

Though you can catch a bullfrog on any given day at FC, you can only hear their brazen grunting at night, maybe while you sit and listen to a heartfelt wrap-up at the end of a campfire. Some may be jarred by the noise at first, but after living around it for 4 weeks, you wonder how you ever slept without it.

Though it’s common to hear them elsewhere, namely all 48 states of mainland US, here at the Creek they come at you up-close and personal as you sit beside the Lower Lake. They thrive around the camplands by the hundreds, ranging from action figure size to puppy-dog size.

Some lesser distinct frogs you may notice as the backdrop to these swampland singers are…

the Green Frog,
FCC Green Frog

the Cope’s Grey Treefrog,
FCC Treefrog

and the Northern Cricket Frog,
FCC Northern Cricket Frog

Working as a chorus to either lull you to sleep or serve as a reminder that you are laying on a thin mattress in the middle of the woods, these amphibians will play accompaniment to any snoring or late night talkers.

Like I mentioned earlier, if any of these sounds spur on a memory harkening back to your days at the Creek, whether that be this last summer or from the summer of ‘83, feel free to leave a comment about it in the comment section below.