The Eastern Screech Owl

Falling Creek Screech Owl
They say there’s a Screech Owl in almost every neighborhood of the US. So, chances are, you may be sitting less than 100 meters from one right now. But the characteristic open-air screens of the Falling Creek cabins lend themselves to making you more available to hear the mews of the nighttime birds, sounding more like a horse wandering out of the pasture than a bird of prey prowling the forest.

If you’ve had the privilege of taking Steve Longenecker’s falconer course, then you will recognize Yoda or Harley’s call, perhaps while doing a late-night check.

Falling Creek Owl
Otherwise you may not realize the noise you’re hearing is that of an Eastern Screech Owl, which can take on all forms of hooting, braying, barking, or chuckling.

Easter Screech Owl

Along with the distinct call of the Eastern Screech Owl, you might also hear— as I have— some of its nocturnal allies in the late evening or early morning, like the…

great horned owl
Great Horned Owl

or the whippoorwill.

If any of these sounds puts you in a moment of reminiscing in your days at the Creek, whether you were dropping off your boy, or sleeping under the Falling Creek stars, feel free to leave a comment about it in the comment section.