True this last summer we lucked out on rain, only getting it for about an hour during the day or while we were on an overnight. But anyone who has been at camp and familiar with our cabins and their solid metal roofs will

falling creek cabin
recognize the sound of rain smacking down overhead, sounding less like raindrops and more like showers of pebbles.

Some find the uproar of rain thumping against metal soothing, while others quickly learn to enjoy the sound after realizing it means they’re not out in it. Whatever your relationship with the rain is, you will recognize it as one of the night time (or rest-period) noises that you have become accustomed to.

Some other noises that accompany it, if the rain has taken on a life of its own: the ambiance of drainage as the summertime shower turns into a temperate deluge and inspires a river under your cabin.
runoff sound

Like I mentioned earlier, if any of these sounds spur on a memory harkening back to your days at the Creek, whether that be this last summer or the summer of ‘82, feel free to leave a comment about it in the comment section below.