Looking at the metal ladder that leads from the pool at the bottom to the top of the sliding area.

The main area where campers slide down the rock in the summer!

Rock where people sometimes sit when watching swimmers come down Sliding Rock.

Photo of Looking Glass Falls.

It has been wet in western North Carolina the last few weeks. The rain is excellent for the trees, plants, rivers and streams.

It is also good for outstanding views and sounds due to the large volume of water flowing through the rivers!

These photos are from Sliding Rock and Looking Glass Falls in Pisgah National Forest. They were taken by Steve Longenecker after biking 16 miles up the highway in the pounding rain.

SFL said, “I wish they could hear the sound of the water and feel the ground vibrating with the power of the water.”

Thanks for the stunning photos Steve!

Steve Longenecker will be at Diamond Brand’s Arden store on Saturday, September 26th, to present a fascinating wildlife program “Birds of Prey” and will bring a Great Horned Owl, an American Kestrel, a Peregrin Falcon and a Screech Owl.

It’s a program kids will love since they have the opportunity to see the birds up close. For more information on this event, please contact Gary at Diamond Brand or call 828-684-6262