New FCC Infirmary

Construction on the Infirmary

The new and improved Falling Creek Infirmary is quickly taking shape as Jerry, Patrick, Simon, George, Johanthan Bain and a host of others steadly make progress. The tough task of getting the roof trusses from the overlook to the job site was completed on Friday, March 9th and the first trusses were put in place on Monday the 12th. Soon after that the rest of the trusses were put in place as Jerry, Patrick and George finshed the blocking.

The front porch of the infirmary will remain original to preserve the historical significance of the number of campers that have sought medical attention there and utilized it, as well as the rest of camp, as a “safe haven” for many summers. The enlargement of the living quarters will provide more personal space for the staff while the new triage room will allow comfortable assesment of each childs needs.

Everyone at Falling Creek is excited about the improved medical facilities and we are looking forward to the grand opening in the coming months.