Yates is packing up his gear and getting ready to start touring the country! With an exciting new DVD, 2016 trunk sticker, and premiering the new Falling Creek magazine, there will be a lot to see!

Movie show falling creek

It is especially refreshing to see camp friends, staff, and alumni, as well as reminisce about favorite camp memories from past years. This is also an amazing time to introduce friends to the Falling Creek family and give them a taste of what makes camp such a special place!

No need to pack your trunk yet, but definitely get some friends together and head to a Falling Creek Movie Show and Reunion near you!

falling creek movie show

Atlanta, GA- September 28
Birmingham, AL- September 29
New Orleans, LA- September 30
Charleston, SC- October 5
Augusta, GA- October 6
Jacksonville, FL- October 7
Nashville, TN- October 13
Lexington, KY- October 14
Beaufort, SC- October 19
Columbia, SC- October 20
Charlotte, NC- October 21
Greenville, SC- October 26
Alexandria, VA- October 27
Richmond, VA- October 28
Coral Gables, FL- November 8
Houston, TX- November 9
Austin, TX- November 10
Dallas, TX- November 11