We have a total of 22 horses at Falling Creek. All are unique with their own stories and personalities. Let’s meet our horses!

Baloo and Buck

Baloo is our oldest horse at camp, born on May 24, 1984, he is a Dark Bay Quarterhorse.

His best friend, Buck, is like a seeing-eye dog… or horse for Baloo. Born on April 24, 1995, he is a Liver Chestnut and very good in the riding ring. Buck stands out in the pasture with his one white foot.


Skittles is a Paint gelding Pony and is good for all skills of riders. He does have some little man syndrome, in that he is the smallest horse in the herd, yet packs the biggest attitude!

cosmo and chico

Cosmo has 2 different colored eyes and is the famous horse at camp known as Kramer, when he starred in a hit TV show on NBC that was popular in the 90s.

Chico is the designer horse in the herd. Notice his coloring and how he does not blend in with his environment.


Don’t let his name fool you! He is actually one of the tallest horses in the herd! This gentle giant is a great camp horse.

clyde and buddy

Buddy is exactly what his name says. He is truly the horse version of “man’s best friend”.

Clyde may look like a normal horse, but this part Clydesdale is a crossover athlete!


Wilbur’s full name is “Wilber de Bubs, Duke of Thunderhead.” Enough said!

gizmo and parli

Parlimentarion, or Parli for short, is a former race horse. Rescued, he is a very tall and very fast horse with a lot of skill!

Gizmo is a Red Roan. He was born in 1990 and is a good all around camp horse!

more horse


Chester and Lexi are both rescues and very much loved at Falling Creek.

The boys can meet the horses by taking Horseback at camp! Horseback is an available daily activity, just make sure the boys pack long pants and closed-toed shoes. The Progression in the horseback program uses a “band” system. Campers earn different colored bands based on what they accomplish at camp, including barnwork and ringwork.

falling creek horses

All Junior Campers will get to experience riding our horses as one of the activities they try during their week at camp.