Camper and Counselor doing the 3-Legged Race at summer camp.

Did you know that more than half of our staff is made up of former Falling Creek campers and counselors? These are men who have experienced the magic of Falling Creek first-hand, men who value our traditions and have demonstrated a willingness to uphold our code of conduct. And did you know that roughly 50% of our counselors choose to return to Falling Creek each summer? That is a stat we are very proud of given the pressure college students feel to spend their summers pursuing corporate internships. (NY Times article, The Camp Counselor vs. Intern)

Each year we receive hundreds of applications, many from friends or family members of current FCC campers and counselors. Jim Goodrum, a.k.a. “Goody”, is our Staffing Director. He was a camper, C.I.T., counselor, and Program Director, and has spent a grand total of 30 years at Falling Creek! If anyone can spot a great counselor, it’s Goody. Outdoor Adventure Director, Ben Williams, and Program Director, Kyle Jeffries, also play a big part in our staff selection process and have a knack for finding just the right guys to make our activities sizzle. Ben has been on staff for 18 years and Kyle 6, so they know how to “pick ‘em”.

Goody thoroughly reviews each application and selects the best applicants for a personal interview with a Falling Creek Director. Next, reference and background checks are completed. Lastly, the best-of-the-best have a final interview with Yates before being invited to join our team.

Meet our Summer Staff!