Falling Creek Alumni & current campers

Atlanta, GA area Alumni and Current Campers: (l to r) – back: Fred Conklin (camper:80-86), Clay Milling (camper:78-81;staff:85-86,89), Newton Quantz (camper:75,76;staff:84) & Frank Jackson (camper:78-86;staff:87-89), front: Jack Conklin, Beau Martin, Clay Milling, Gaston Quantz & Yates Pharr

Yates traveled south during the week of January 23 visiting Jayne Ann & Clay Milling’s home in Atlanta, GA on Monday for a second time. Once again, there was a large gathering of new families who are interested in learning more about Falling Creek Camp. There were several alumni and current campers who visited and shared stories about their experiences at Falling Creek. In addition to the alumni included in the picture, Damon Black (camper:82,84,86-88;staff:90-96) and Forest Speed (camper:78-80;staff:86-87) dropped by to share stories and catch up with old friends.

Falling Creek Camp Movies in Atlanta, GA

Falling Creek movies at Jayne Ann & Clay Milling’s home in Atlanta, GA

Falling Creek Camp Movies in Orlando, FL

(l to r) Kevin, Bradley & Kyle Irwin of Orlando, FL

On Tuesday, Yates visited Suzanne & Jeff Irwin’s home in Orlando, FL. Three of their four boys (Bradley, Kevin & Kyle)attend Falling Creek and they introduced one of the long time FCC traditions to their invited guests by serving bananna splits after the movie showing. Youngest brother Bryan is eagerly awaiting his time to have the chance to go to Falling Creek.

Falling Creek movies in West Palm Beach, FL

Tim and Inge with Victoria and Tomy Skelly, West Palm Beach, FL

Driving further south, Yates escaped the colder temperatures around camp to the always enjoyable warm winter climate of West Palm Beach. Tim and Inge Skelly hosted the Falling Creek movies on Wednesday evening for their first time and invited many of their friends from the area. Tim’s parents also joined the group and told many great stories from their experiences at FCC.

Falling Creek Camp movies in Boca Raton, FL

(l to r) John Norwood, Bill and Sean Conner of Boca Raton, FL

Not too much further south in Boca Raton, FL, Anne Conner and Mimi Mangines hosted two separate Falling Creek movie showings on Thursday afternoon and evening. Bill & Sean Conner and Austin Mangines were the veteran campers who said they can’t wait to come back for the 2006 summer.

A very special thank you from the Falling Creek family goes out to all of our family hosts in these GA and FL cities. We appreciate your introducing FCC to many new familes who are now excited about coming to Falling Creek this summer.