Yates and Nathan had the pleasure of visiting Greenville on September 23, to show the new camp movie at Parker & Alex Crawford’s home. There were many returning campers and their families that attended and they helped explain to all of the new families present why Falling Creek is such a great camp.

Photo from Greenville movie show, FCC!Photo from Greenville movie show, FCC!

Richard Mackintosh, the famous woodworking leader at FCC, came to provide his support. Cory Hopkins, a 3-year staff member in Music and Paddling this past summer, came to offer his counselor perspective with the parents. We were excited to hear that Cory has already placed a job with BMW after a short search following his recent graduation from Furman University. Well done Cory as this is a tough job market!

Jack Cebe and Tom Coker, both prior campers and counselors, came by to say hello as well.

On Sunday, September, 26, Yates and Nathan drove south to Atlanta to meet a large group at Jayne Ann & Clay Milling’s home for the movie show. Clay, who was a camper and fellow paddling counselor with Yates, joined a large group of alumni who came to show their sons why they loved their Falling Creek Camp experience.

Falling Creek Camp Movie Show at The Milling'sFalling Creek Camp Movie Show at The Milling's

Dore Brooks also served as a host for this wonderful event and the boys were very happy to be able to get their own 2011 Limited Edition Trunk Sticker, only available to boys who attend the movie shows this year.

Atlanta, GA Sept. 26, 2010Atlanta, GA Sept. 26, 2010

Dewey Tew, mountain bike counselor in 2008 and 2009, came to the show to see many of his friends from camp. You may have seen Dewey’s awesome race this past year in Atlanta where he won the Atlanta Marathon! Dewey is a member of the Georgia Tech Cross Country team.

We thank the Crawford’s, Milling’s and Brook’s for hosting the first of many camp movie shows to come this Fall!