Falling Creek Camp Movies in Richardson, Texas

The Falling Creek movies in Richardson, Texas. (l to r)Sally Broad, Emily Broad, Rick Broad, Charles Broad, Bennett Broad, Yates Pharr, Kristin Payne, & Parker Payne.

The Falling Creek Movies tour headed west this past week stopping in Richardson Texas on Tuesday, January 31 at Kristin & Mark Payne’s home. In addition to the new families who came to meet Yates, Rick and Emily Broad brought 3 of their 4 children. Rick was on staff from 1985-1994 and served as an Associate Director for FCC in the early 90’s. Emily met Rick while they were staff members in 1989 and was also on staff from 1989-1994.

On Wednesday, February 1, Yates caught up with the Bond’s for the Dallas Falling Creek movie showing. Eleanor McClendon Bond is one of Hutch and Bryan McClendon’s sister’s (see Louisianna visit in January news below). She went to Camp Greystone for a number of years as a camper and staff member. Lendon Bond is planning to return to Falling Creek this summer.

Falling Creek Camp movies in Fort Worth, Texas

Cutting up at the Fort Worth, Texas Falling Creek movies. (l to r) Nathan Newquist, Teddy Cunningham, Ben Cunningham & Yates

From Dallas, Yates drove to Fort Worth where Jeff & Cynthia Cunningham hosted the FCC movies also on February 1. Nathan Newquist, the 2005 Green and Gold book dedication recipient, also attended to offer his comments and feedback for the parents and potential campers. Teddy and Ben Cunningham had many stories to add as well and are looking forward to returning to camp for the 2006 summer.

On Thursday, February 2, Paula & Hal Mentz hosted the Falling Creek movies in Houston. Their sons, Henry, James and Philip are stars in the DVD and Henry is the famous highwire rider in the November, 2005 newsletter. Carleton Riser, a Houston native, and camper from 1977-1983 came by to reconnect with Falling Creek for a mini-reunion. Also, Chris & Kay Thayer brought their younger son, Wright to the movies to see themselves in this year’s DVD. The Thayer’s relocated from New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina and plan to stay in Houston. Chris will be back to help in the woodworking program during main camp this summer and Kay will be back in Arts & Crafts.

Falling Creek wishes to thank all of the Texas families who hosted the movies this week and we look forward to many new Texans coming to Falling Creek for the 2006 summer.