It is time again for all men of the Creek out there to go and take their dinner coats out of their wardrobes and pull-up a chair to a 4 course meal of awesomeness. The gentlemen of Falling Creek have some more advice for you.

We don’t want it to seem like we are lecturing you about the importance of following these rules in public engagements in any way, we just want to pass over some suggestions to you; gent-to-gent. We notice some of you do this anyway, but we figure, like any downtown gala raising money for the arts, the more the merrier.

Cell Phones: A Problem for a New Era

15 years ago, cell phones weren’t a problem with encumbering a man and his need to be gently. People remembered directions, called from restaurants, and played video games on their own console, but this device for the modern day gentlemen is most likely here-to-stay (or be replaced by a pair of glasses which can do the same thing without the annoyance of having to look down). Having accepted as much, it’s high time we all accept a general list of rules to go with them that may have gone unsaid up until this point.

At Falling Creek we confiscate your cellphones to enjoy the environment surrounding you. You get a unique opportunity to get away from machines and games and anything with a screen in general. But in the real world, chances are, you take these things with you to do research in science class. So, it’s important to remember that not everyone will appreciate seeing you using your phone when they’re watching you drive.

This may be a piece of friendly advice for the older people who read this blog, with a license, and a sporty

Falling Creek Camp Playing Guitar
Lincoln or Ford. But texting while you are driving makes it 23 times more likely you will crash. It also kills 11 teens a day. Plus, as a rule, makes everyone else in the car with you a little less easy. Gentlemen always leave their phones out-of-sight, in their pocket, or hidden in his center console, when they are driving.

If he is driving to the Opera, he knows to use his phone in the lobby or parking lot, but never in the theater area. This can apply to movie theaters too— or even church. This can be a distraction to the performers, if they are live, and the people around you.

You could also go ahead and extend this to the people who have to stand next to you in the grocery line, on an airplane, in a classroom, or going up an elevator— really any situation where someone is given the pleasure of being in your company whether they can help it or not.

Now it may sound like there is nowhere for you to use your cell phone (or in some cases, tablets) except while you’re alone in your bedroom— which makes you wonder why you didn’t go out and buy a PC from the beginning to alleviate you of all the trouble. But there are dozens of situations where you can go and use your phone in a public setting.
For instance, if you are at a high school football game, a soccer match, or any other loud outdoor place where everyone is screaming, or if you are alone in any of the places mentioned above.

Of course it goes without saying, you needn’t mind yourself if you are a doctor on call, or in a business meeting hoping to use it for a phone conference, or any situation of emergency. Though most times it is common sense, I assure you, the people enjoying the time of your company won’t be able to thank you enough for getting your full attention, rather having to talk to you while you’re making a bid on EBay.