Miami, FL

Yates made his way down to the southern tip of Florida on Sunday to show the camp movie at Betsy and Art Murphy’s home for the Miami area families. It was a beautiful day with the temperatures getting to a high in the low 70’s. Their sons, Teddy and Anderson will be returning to Main camp this summer.

Naples, FL

On Monday, Yates traveled to Naples to reconnect with a number of FCC families. Susan and Jeff Nunner hosted the show. Their son Alex will attend Main Camp this summer and Sam will attend the August Session. Also in Naples, Doug Newell, a Falling Creek alumnus from the early 70’s, came by to be a part of the fun and see the new DVD.

West Palm Beach, FL

Yates had the pleasure of driving back to the west coast of Florida on Tuesday to show the movies at Tim and Inge Skelly’s home in West Palm Beach. Their son Tommy will be coming back to June camp for his 5th summer. Tim and Yates were campers and counselors at camp for 12 years (1978-1989).

Mariano and Andres Garcia came by to provide their support. They were a part of the B.A.M. Father/Son Weekend at camp in late September.

Paul R. took time out of his busy schedule to come by as well. Paul is a junior in high school and will be returning to Main Camp for his 5th summer. Paul is also one of the stars of the new HUCK Paddling Trip video. If you have not seen this yet, take a look at the amazing accomplishments these boys have worked up to over the last couple of years paddling at Falling Creek.

On Wednesday, Yates trekked up to Tampa to connect with a good mixture of returning campers and families new to Falling Creek. Preston and Laura Farrior hosted the show. Their sons Gator and Wyatt are FCC campers and Gator will be returning to Main camp for his 6th summer.

Orlando, FL

Yates then drove to the middle of the state to connect with the families in the greater Orlando area. Lori and Robert Brand hosted the show for their first time. Their son Robert attended camp for the first time last summer and will return to the August 2-week session. Robert, Sr. went to Charlotte Country Day with Yates and was a star running back for the Buccaneers.

Dr. Floyd Livingston and his son Erickson attended the show. Floyd was the camp doctor during the first week of Main camp last summer and his wife Kathrynn was a nurse during all 4 weeks of Main camp. Erickson is coming back to Main camp for his 5th summer and both of the Livingston’s will be a part of the Falling Creek medical team again this summer.

We want to thank the Murphy’s, Nunner’s, Skelly’s, Farrior’s and Brand’s for all their hard work in organizing and hosting the Falling Creek Camp movies this past week in Florida.