The Ailsworth Family

The Ailsworth’s, who hosted the Lynchburg, VA Falling Creek “Movies” at their home on 12-6-06. Melody is the camp doctor for a week every summer.

After an early departure from Richmond this morning in the cool upper 20 degree temperatures, I started my drive west to Hampden-Sydney College where I met Meade Whitaker, Dean of Students, and 12-year camper and counselor at Falling Creek. He met me in the school cafe/Post Office at 8:30am wearing his usual bow tie and suit. Meade looks the same today as his last day at camp. At 9:15am, Drew Walker, a Junior Counselor in 2006 (although everyone thought he was a “full” counselor), joined us and caught us up on what he has been doing. Drew says he really enjoys being at Hampden-Sydney and is doing well in school. Drew will be returning to FCC in 2007 to serve as a cabin counselor and one of our top Mtn. Biking Instructors.

At 10am, I continued my trek west on a beautiful sunny morning across back roads to Lexington, VA where I met up with James Van Horn and Hayes Ashcraft on the Washington & Lee campus. Both were FCC campers. James’ parents, Charlie and Kathleen, are currently Falling Creek’s representatives in New Orleans. His younger brother Knox attended main camp for his first time in 2006 and will return in 2007. We walked from the W&L campus to downtown Lexington for Lunch. It is such a wonderful mountain town. James and Hayes are enjoying their first semester and are currently preparing for exams next week before they go home for Christmas break. Both are planning to be counselors at Falling Creek in 2007.

I then traveled east to Lynchburg, VA where Greg and Melody Ailsworth hosted the Falling Creek “Movies”. Their boys Bobby, Sam and Ben were all a big help in getting things ready for the show. Thanks guys! Melody has served as the camp doctor for a week over the past 5 summers. She will be returning with the entire family during the August Junior session in 2007. I enjoyed meeting the new families who came to learn more about Falling Creek Camp. Thanks again to the Ailsworth’s for their hospitality!

- Yates