Falling Creek Camp in Miami/Coral Gables, FL

Cutting up with current FCC campers in Coral Gables/Miami, FL on Sunday, Nov. 12

I traveled deep into south Florida to Coral Gables/Miami on Sunday, November 12. Betsy & Art Murphy teamed with Cathy & Rafael Lorie to host the area Falling Creek “movies” at the Murphy’s home. While it was in the upper 30’s at camp, it was a very comfortable 79 degrees here, perfect to allow the many current campers to play outside and introduce FCC to the new families who were attending.

Falling Creek Camp in West Palm Beach, FL

Enjoying a pizza supper and watching the Falling Creek Camp “movies” in West Palm Beach, FL

Tim and Inge Skelly hosted the Falling Creek movies on Monday, November 13 at their home in West Palm Beach, FL. In fact, they coordinated a pizza dinner outside where the FCC movie was projected onto a screen. What an awesome way to learn about Falling Creek! Although this was similar to the Glover’s show in Jacksonville, they both planned it outside of each other discussing the idea. It has been great to keep in touch with Tim Skelly and his wonderful family over the years as Tim was an 11-year camper and counselor at Falling Creek at the same time as when I was there.

Falling Creek Camp in Tampa, FL

(l to r) Yates Pharr, Landon, Drew, Stephen, Gator and Jay Fraser

On Tuesday, November 14, Preston and Laura Farrior joined forces with Ashley Guyton to host the Tampa, FL movies at the Farrior’s home. Several current campers and staff joined many new families to see the new 2007 Falling Creek DVD. Jay Fraser, a member of the 2006 FCC Mountaineer staff, and big star in this year’s DVD, attended the show. He now lives in Tampa following graduation from the University of Florida and is working in commercial general contracting management.

I will not be traveling this coming week as we will all be enjoying the opportunity to spend family time together for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Check back soon to see where I will be in late November and early December. Come and see us when we’re in your area. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

- Yates