Yates addresses potential Falling Creek Campers.

Falling Creek “Movies” at the Freshour’s in Washington, DC on Monday, January 22, 2007

Marisa and the girls traveled to Washington, DC with me this past weekend and were present for the Falling Creek “Movies” there on Monday, January 22 at David & Maureen Freshour’s home. Maureen is Marisa’s sister so it was a great time to have everyone there to meet the new families who attended to learn more about Falling Creek Camp. Luke, Max and Isaac shared their veteran camp experiences with the large crowd who came to be a part of the fun. Several of the boys were sporting their Falling Creek Jersey’s. Thanks to the Freshour’s for your hospitality and I know I speak for the girls as they had a blast catching up with their cousins.

On Tuesday, January 23, Amy, Nick and Alex Meyer hosted the Falling Creek “Movies” at their home in Bethesda, MD. There were 5 veteran FCC campers who told many stories about their experiences at camp. What a treat for the new families who came. Several of the boys were also wearing their Falling Creek Jersey’s. We were very pleased to see so many families tonight given the State of the Union address happening only 5 miles or so away as a crow flies. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise since camp is such a fun thing to talk about. A big thanks to Nick, Alex and Amy for their warm atmosphere in welcoming everyone into their home tonight!


Campers showing their FCC pride.

(l to r) Sam, Alex, James, Tommy, Nick and Yates at the Meyer’s home for the Falling Creek Camp “Movies” on Tuesday, January 23, 2007.