From the first time that little girl clasped her Daddy’s finger, before she could even open her eyes, wrapped in that pink, receiving blanket in the chilly hospital room, a bond began. It is an unexplainable bond. It grows stronger and stronger over time, as she claims to be Daddy’s girl. She looks for him during dance recitals and soccer games, knowing that her nerves are calmed the moment she lays eyes on him. He dreads the emotional day when he walks her down the aisle and hands her off to another man, whom he deeply respects, but knows will never share the same bond that they both share. It is a deep bond; found deep in the heart. It is a bond that only fathers and daughters understand.

Trailblazing Together © and Falling Creek Camp have come together to create a once-a-year event;

Falling Creek Camp Father Daughter Weekend

The Father-Daughter Weekend is an opportunity for Fathers and their daughters to grow the bond they already have. An opportunity to relax, play, eat, and celebrate together, while experiencing and learning new things about each other.

Falling Creek Camp traditions like Morning Watch, Camp Fire, swimming in the lake, the climbing wall, riflery, and blacksmithing are part of the fun, but other meaningful activities like the Adventure Race and discussions are also a huge part of the weekend. Wonderful memories are sure to unfold through the weekend that will be cherished forever!

Falling Creek Father Daughter Weekend

“We both learned new things about each other,” Anna said after her experience at this past summer’s Father-Daughter weekend.

Ian, a father said, “Thank you! This has been a tremendous experience!”

“I was surprised by my daughter’s ‘can do’ attitude,” Adam said as he watched his daughter face adventure in a way he has never seen before.

Do not miss out on a chance to grow an incredible bond between a father and a daughter this year! The weekend is designed for girls between grades 5 and 11. Mark your calendars for August 21-23, 2015, as a weekend you daughter will never forget!