Falling Creek Camp For Boys movies in Winston-Salem, NC

Tom Browder, a Falling Creek Camp staff member in the mid 80"s, brings his son to the Winston-Salem movie show.

Yates visited several North Carolina cities this week to show Falling Creek Camp movies. On Tuesday, February 21, Andrea and John Eller hosted Falling Creek in Winston-Salem. Not only were there several new families who were introduced to Falling Creek, Tom Browder, a staff member in the mid 80’s, came with his son. Both J.D. and Gray Eller are veteran FCC campers and helped provide the families with their perspective of Falling Creek Camp.

On Monday, February 20, Donnie introduced Falling Creek to potential new staff members at Hampton-Sydney College. Meade Whitaker, the Assistant Dean of Students for Hampton-Sydney and a former camper & staff member (1986-93, 1995-97), was a tremndous help with setting up the day. Chris Stec visited the UNC-Asheville campus on Tuesday, February 21 also seeking great staff members for the 2006 summer.

On Wednesday, February 22, Mac and Tracy Link hosted the Falling Creek movies in Chapel Hill, NC. Mac was a camper, C.I.T. and Counselor from 1979-1990 at FCC, with many of those summers being on the canoeing staff with Yates. Worth Newman and Drew Nickerson, two Main Camp veterans and 2006 DVD stars, provided the new families who attended the show with a camper’s perspective of Falling Creek. Both shared wonderful stories about their experiences at Falling Creek.

Falling Creek Camp For Boys movies in Durham, NC

(l to r)Yates, Alex, Hagar Rand & Joe Baden.

Hagar and Stephanie Rand hosted the Falling Creek movies in Durham, NC on Thursday, February 23. Hagar was a camper, C.I.T. and counselor for many years at Falling Creek in the 70’s & 80’s. In addition to the new families who came to learn more about Falling Creek Camp, Joe Baden a “founding” camper (1969-1972), shared not only an early camper’s perspective of FCC, but also a parents view since his son attends Main Camp. Alex Rand, a veteran Main camper, also shared stories from his many years at Falling Creek. Alex’s younger brother Jackson is planning to come to Falling Creek for his first year this summer.

Chris also traveled to two other places this past week to introduce new familes to Falling Creek Camp. These included Hammond Middle School in Alexandria, VA on Wednesday, February 22 and Brookwood Village in Birmingham, AL on Saturday, February 25