FCC Nashville Group 10-16-13

Kate and Todd McKee hosted the Falling Creek Camp Movies and Reunion tonight at their lovely home in Nashville, TN. Their middle son, Mason, who is coming back to camp in 2014, helped Yates answer questions and pass out the exclusive 2014 trunk sticker. The boys were excited to get these since you can only get a trunk sticker if you attend a movie event.

(l to r) Harrison Kilgore, Tory Gentry, Yates Pharr, Thomas Dooley, & Andrew Smith(l to r) Harrison Kilgore, Tory Gentry, Yates Pharr, Thomas Dooley, & Andrew Smith

Four of our 2013 FCC staff who live in the Nashville area took time out of their busy schedules to come see everyone. Tory Gentry, a Junior at Vanderbilt University majoring in medical management with a minor in business economics, will be returning to FCC in 2014 to teach tennis and manage the camp store. Andrew Smith, who is in his final year in the pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at Vanderbilt, will be returning to serve as one of the paddling leaders on the HUCK – Magpie Expedition in Canada. Harrison Kilgore, a prior camper and counselor, is applying for law school. Sir Thomas Dooley, who has attended Belmont University in Nashville, is a former camper and now staff member and he had stories to tell as usual. Thomas was on the backpacking team during the summer and also was part of the counselor staff who took 12 boys hiking on the Colorado Trail this past summer as a part of the BLAZE Expedition.

FCC Nasville Group watching the camp movie 10-16-13

We also had a number of dads who are FCC alumni and/or have taken their son to a FCC Father/Son Weekend, joined us in the group photo.

Thanks again to the McKee’s!