The massive oaks and maples that provide us with so much shade during the summer are slowly changing into their winter coats.

Boys summer camp in the Fall

Fall at Falling Creek

Before the winter coat arrives, the mountain transitions into a sea of yellows, reds, and oranges. As each day becomes a little cooler, the colors become more vibrate until they finally take flight and land peacefully on ones shoulder, car, or the ground.

If you have never experienced an eastern hardwood forest in the fall, I would strongly encourage you to swing by camp and the surrounding area for a truly remarkable event.

But hurry they will be gone soon!

During this wonderful time of the year several Falling Creekers gathered in the Green River Gorge near Saluda North Carolina to witness one of the most remarkable sporting events of the year. The 12th Annual Green River Narrows Race takes place over the first weekend of November. The race is a mile long and drops 525 vertical feet. To put that in to perspective, the Nantahala River drops 300 vertical feet in 8 miles.

Boys summer camp at green race

Autumne, Natasha, Matt, Emi, Josie, and Simon enjoy the Green Race

Here is the list of FCC folks at the Green Race Matt Smith, Emi Arnold, Autumne Lowe, Natasha Harney, Simon Wilson, Josie Dickens, Frank Tindall, Stephen McGrady, Sean Thompson, Chris Gorman, Ben Williams, Polk Deters, Adam Secrest.