It is what the boys will call home during their time at camp; it is their place of comfort, place to rest, place of growing as a family with their cabin mates. The cabin is where the boys will ultimately start and end each day!

camp cabin

One of the benefits of a camp experience involves meeting and making new friends from different places. Our cabins are organized by grade and will try to limit cabin placement to no more than two boys from the same hometown. We do accept cabin requests and will carefully consider any mutual request (each boy must request the other) for boys of similar age and grade. If you have a cabin request, please communicate it to camp in writing prior to April 30th at We do not do bed requests. Choosing which bed he will be sleeping in is a first-come first-serve basis on opening day.

cabin bunks

Falling Creek provides sheets and blankets for all campers and staff. Boys should bring their own pillows, pillow cases and towels. It is extremely important that everything they bring to camp is labelled, including pillows, pillow cases, and towels.

Each cabin is organized by grade and the cabins are grouped together by grade. So, even if your son’s classmate is not in the same cabin as him, he will probably be in one of the neighboring cabins. There are around 8 boys in a cabin. Depending on the grade, there may be a couple more or a couple less.

Your son will be living out of a trunk while at camp. The trunks go under the beds. The medium sized trunks tend to be the best! You can purchase a trunk form Everything Summer Camp. Falling Creek families get great discounts on camp trunks and lots of other camp gear. Use the code BEHOLD. We also get 5% off with Kangaroo Cases, another great trunk supplier.

cabin games

The cabins are equipped with electricity and a bathroom. The screened windows allows for the crisp summer air to cool the cabins at night as well as the calming noise of the bullfrogs and crickets. For some, the sounds of nature is unfamiliar and can actually keep the boys awake, whether that is nature outside the cabin, or nature taking place within the cabin, aka snoring. Earplugs can be valuable for the light sleepers.

If you have any questions about the cabin, please give us a call at 828.692.0262. We would love to help!