Hello Falling Creek Family,

Even though it’s starting to get a little chilly at camp and we’ve had our first snowflakes, we are already getting excited about next summer! Whether it’s a new location to go on a backpacking trip, a new section of river to kayak, or a different route to climb, we’re striving to continue to improve our programming so you can have the summer adventure of a lifetime!

Canoe Instruction

Learning how to paddle a canoe on the lake at Falling Creek Camp for Boys

Since Thanksgiving, Yates has traveled to Tuscaloosa, AL, Shelby, NC, and Piedmont, SC to visit with families and show the camp movies. He’s enjoyed getting to know more Falling Creek campers and even joined the Snow family at an Alabama basketball game! Thank you to all of our Representatives who graciously open your homes to host the camp movies.

A highlight of every day is going to the Tuxedo post office and opening the mail to see who has signed up for next summer. We have a terrific group of campers already enrolled! If you have not sent in your application, now’s the time to ensure a great summer at Falling Creek and avoid being placed on the waiting list. If you need an application form, we are happy to mail one to you, or you can download one from our Applications & Forms page.

Falling Creek’s annual Christmas Alumni Newsletter will be mailed soon. If you haven’t received it by the holidays, please contact the camp office.

Continue to visit www.fallingcreek.com for updates throughout the holiday season.You might just get a Christmas surprise…