Dear Mom and Dad….

The mail has come and there it is! In the middle of the bills and magazines, a letter written just for you! Even during the hectic camp schedule and tons of swimming, rock climbing, eating, and playing, he still took the time to write home!

falling creek letter

Some boys absolutely love to write. They write during rest hour, at night, and even during free time, while others would rather play cards with his cabin mates or jump off the Blob. You can easily write them every day either through snail mail or by email, which is printed each morning and quickly distributed to the boys. However, you can only hear from them through their postcards, posted pictures, or by the camp office. How can you urge your non-writer to write home more??

  1. Send pre-addressed and pre-stamped stationary or postcards.
  2. Print out addresses for home, grandparents, friends, and family on labels for them to place on the postcards or envelopes.
  3. Kindly remind them in your own letters and emails to write back.
falling creek letter

In the office, we constantly sort through incoming and outgoing mail. Many of times we get incorrectly addressed letters. Our office investigators work hard to figure out where the letter is going so it can swiftly make its way through the Post Office and into its awaiting parent’s or grandparent’s hands. Pre-addressed envelopes seem to quickly and efficiently make their way from the boy’s fingers to the Post Office and quickly home.

Oh, and as for never getting any mail. Do not worry! This is usually a great sign that the boys are having a blast!! Remember, no news is good news!