When reading or watching anything about Falling Creek, the idea of community is represented in several different ways; in the cabin, in an activity, on a trip or around a campfire. An often overlooked part of community building takes place outside of the summer season.

Group of Falling Creek mountain bikers.

Johnathan Bain, Kevin Burnett, Ben Williams, Laura Garrett and Annie Pharr.

A few weekends ago, I experienced the power of community firsthand. With a few phone calls and a random meeting at the local Target Superstore, the makings of a wonderful adventure were in the works. The power of this experience was centered around sharing time with family, friends, co-workers, and mentors – all while enjoying the wild wonders of Western North Carolina via a mountain bike.

Yates and Annie

Every member of the bike ride was a part of the Falling Creek community, whether as a camper, staff member, as a carrier of the flame or as a member of a Falling Creek family.

During our ride we cheered for each other going up hills, spotted for each other, laughed and enjoyed every minute. It was a day that represented the joys of the FCC community and the power of shared experiences.

I am truly grateful to be part of such a community.

-Ben Williams