Jeff Elder in the business section of the Charlotte Observer wrote:

Going back to Camp

Ever think of chucking your job to pursue a dream? Yates Pharr worked in real estate with Smoky Bissell in Charlotte before becoming an executive at Asheville’s Biltmore Farms. And that was fine. But always in the back of his mind was Falling Creek Camp, where he first frolicked when he was 10.

Now he’s going back. As the owner.

Yates, 37, and his wife, Marisa, bought the 425-acre camp south of Asheville near the N.C.-S.C. line. And they just can’t wait to move out of their posh Asheville home and run it. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” he says.

Will he deal with more children running a camp than he did in real estate? “I don’t know,” he says, laughing.