As summer is over and we are welcoming the autumn season, staff reminisce on some of their favorite memories from this past summer! From funny memories to touching stories, these unforgettable moments are what makes camp… “camp”!

Dining Hall falling Creek

“One memory that I will never forget is at the end of Main Camp when we took our cabin to the top of the swim docks, with permission of course, for cabin time on the upper platform looking out over the upper lake. It was a slightly foggy night and we could see the lights from the Dining Hall not only reflecting off the lake, but shimmering through the fog; it was a pretty surreal scene. Not only was the setting incredible, but the guys really opened up about their camp experience and a couple got pretty emotional thinking about going home. Before we left, we let the guys just hang out and look over the railing at the lake. Those guys standing there with the fog, the lights, the lake, and the still night is a scene I will never forget. Also, hearing the impact that camp has had on their lives was really special.” –Ben Broadhead (counselor)

Setting up camp Falling Creek

“On the afternoon of June 9th I went out to meet a backpacking trip and when I found them at the campsite 2 miles east of Pink Beds, it was just perfect! Some of the boys were working on setting up tarps, putting to use the new knowledge learned in the prep, some working to set up the kitchen, and others making sure that camp was “storm proof”. It was awesome and helped me to remember just how important being outside, seeking adventure, is for boys and helping them develop a sense of place in the natural world.” – Ben Williams (director)

“So, one day, I think this might have been during June camp, we were setting up for lunch, and one of the kids rang the bell before any of the counselors setting up the Dining Hall were ready. Another camper, around 10 years old or so, standing at the front of the line, right by the door, realized that and immediately stuck out his arms and legs, starfish-style and single-handedly blocked the stampede of hungry campers. Pretty cute little servant’s heart!” –Meriwether Lyman (counselor)

“My favorite memory from this summer was during evening embers on the opening day of Main Camp in cabin Crazy Horse. My campers shared why they loved Falling Creek, and everyone’s answers centered around the fact that camp seemed like a break from reality and there were so many amazing things they could do here that they wouldn’t find anywhere else.” – KD Lemons (counselor)

final campfire falling creek

“One of my favorite camp memories would be all of the final campfires to each session. You can feel the emotion in the atmosphere and see the love everyone had for Falling Creek. Camp all around was a great experience and will hold many memories and I can’t wait to be back next summer!” – Brooks Mischel (counselor)

“My favorite memory of the summer had was when we went on a three day mountain biking trip and went swimming. The kids were so excited to jump in the lake, and they all played in the water for an hour or so, before we had to get them out… they didn’t want to leave!” – William Boor (counselor)

4th of July Falling Creek

“I will never forget sitting on the back of a ute, or truck as you call it in America, eating dinner on the 4th of July, surrounded by the boys eating out in the grass. It was an experience I could only ever get at camp.” -Lauren “Lozzie” Jansen (counselor)

All Camp Game Falling Creek

“My favorite memory this past summer was probably getting to do field games. It was a blast knowing everyone was going to have fun playing ridiculous games and most likely get water dunked on you at some point during the night!” – Andrew Maddox (tribal leader)

“One memory I have from this summer, was I was walking down the path when suddenly this big black bear comes out of the woods!!! He walked right at me!!! I was so scared!!! Then I realized it was a she….and it was LuLu (the camp dog)” – Mary Lobianco (camp nurse/mom)

“I think some of my favorite moments from camp this summer were when Kyle and I had a chance to grill for cookouts. It was a great way to spend time with a great friend and it always felt like an accomplishment.” – Mickey Herman (program director)

Campfire Falling Creek

“One of my favorite memories of the summer is the final campfire of main camp. It was always my happiest and saddest moment of my summer as a camper and being a counselor was no exception. A brotherhood is forged and reinforced by that last fire that will last an eternity.” – Sam Trenski (counselor)

“One of my favorite memories has to be during Two Week Camp. I believe it was the second week on that Tuesday. I was going from basketball to tennis when I hear a single voice of excitement near the upper lake. Fishing is usually there around that time of day so I figure a camper caught a big fish. I walk up and a camper that couldn’t have been older than 4th has a tennis ball on the end of his hook. I look at him and ask “were you the one that yelled a second ago?” with a huge smile and bouncing on his toes he replies, “yeah! I have been trying to catch this tennis ball for half an hour!” It always surprises me the amount of excitement the campers can have over the simplest things. That’s the beauty of camp though. I think the environment camp has encourages you to be excited about the things you want to be excited about. I know that sounds weird, but following the crowd is a real thing. It’s also really easy to do. Camp is about the individual growth one can have, and that’s why I love camp.” – Ben Burnett (counselor)

Playing in the creek Falling Creek

“Some of the many things that I love about Falling Creek are the beautiful scenery, the rustic camp atmosphere, but most of all, the absence of electronic devices. One afternoon I was walking down a trail and crossed over a little bridge. I heard sounds of laughter and playing. I looked over the side of the bridge and saw 6 or 7 boys playing in the creek. One of those boys was my son. A memory I will always treasure. I thought to myself, this is what summer is supposed to be about!” – Jennifer Fox (camp nurse/mom)

“My most memorable moments at camp has to be Evening Embers. What I liked about this moment was how unpredictable these times can turn out; I’ve been serenaded by the Narwhal song by the entire cabin, gained a few nicknames, and had the chance to experience the day in each of the campers’ shoes through the stories that they told. I remember one particular night in Main Camp when the day’s talk was about the highlights and lowlights of the EP. That night a special nightly guest ended up invading our circle and then the neighboring cabin’s space as well. The candlelight talk quickly turned and after some screams, merged through the wall to the other cabin for a plan. A couple of adults and 16 smart kids, you’d think we’d be able to outsmart an animal, right? There was toothpaste and squirting water bottles involved, things thrown around, and adults yelling commands from the top bunk, but ultimately a very upset tribal leader Harry and four counselors that had to clean up the aftermath. Sometimes the talks got messy, sometimes the talks were very deep, some nights they had so much to say, but every night Evening Embers were the best times because we got to relive our favorite moments and share the laughs, jokes and concerns. There were a thousand unforgettable moments at camp but it was that way because everyone there made it unforgettable for each other, and for me, Evening Embers made forged these stories into camp legends.” –David Kim (counselor)

“My favorite memory about camp is the sense of community and how much impact the people have on each other. I particularly love when everyone gathers together and loved campfire when everyone got together.” -Steven Zapevalov (counselor)