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Peter and Jez represent Falling Creek at the Sydney Job Fair

Hiring the 140 staff for the summer is one of the most important responsibilities at Falling Creek. We are very excited about the 2014 crew and we will begin staff orientation next week. One of the highlights of the hiring process this past winter included Jez and Peter Bishop, long-time senior staff members, representing Falling Creek at the annual CCUSA Sydney, Australia Job Fair. Jez will return for his eighth summer as co- head of the paddling program and the “Director of Vibe”, and Peter Bishop, who will be returning for his fifth summer and will serve as both a Tribal Leader and an Assistant Program Director this summer. Here is a note from Pete

“We have a number of international staff each year at Falling Creek, myself, Jez and Lili are just some of the staff that have worked at the greatest camp on earth over the years, but a question I get asked a lot is how did you find Falling Creek?

Well, there are a number of Camp Counselor recruitment companies that operate in numerous countries around the world, with Australia, New Zealand and the UK, being primary markets. CCUSA is one such recruiter, with which Jez and I use every time we travel to Falling Creek. Every year CCUSA promote and offer a cultural experience program, whereby interested participants apply to work at a Summer Camp in the USA. The program is promoted as a cultural experience, as the participants are not primarily interested in earning money for the next college semester over the summer, they are more interested in the experience of working in a different country, working with children and gaining valuable life experience. CCUSA provide the platform for us Internationals to do this, sponsoring us for a J1 Cultural Exchange Visa, which allows us to work at Falling Creek.

So what has this to do with the CCUSA job fair? Well, normally participants fill out their application, have an interview with CCUSA and their application is sent off to camps around the US for consideration. The job fair in Sydney in February allowed Jez and me to meet and interview prospective staff in person for Falling Creek this coming summer. The event lasted for roughly 4 hours, and in that time we had the pleasure of meeting some very talented and motivated individuals, who in our eyes have what is takes to be a Falling Creek staff member! With Goody on call, we successfully assisted in hiring six new international staff for this coming summer, that we may never have had the opportunity to meet! It was both a privilege to represent Falling Creek over here in Australia on the international stage and one of the best experiences for Jez and me to be able to contribute to the upcoming staff roster for 2014! We can’t wait to see them in action!”

Peter and Jez

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Presenting Max and Alli King!

Falling Creek Camp staff attending the wedding - (l to r) Tommy Carroll, Max, Alli, Robert Eshleman, Jim Kurtts, Elan MengelbergFalling Creek Camp staff attending the wedding - (l to r) Tommy Carroll, Max, Alli, Robert Eshleman, Jim Kurtts, Elan Mengelberg

Max King and Alli Baker King were married this past weekend in Charleston, SC. They met while on staff at Falling Creek Camp. Max, from the Atlanta, GA area, was a long time camper at FCC and could be found most often in the Indian Lore program. Both were on staff for 3 years and each served as a Tribal Leader. Alli, from Virginia, was on the horseback riding staff. We are very happy for both of them and wish them the very best!

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Chelsea Dozier Joins Falling Creek!

Chelsea Dozier

Falling Creek is pleased to announce that Chelsea Dozier will be joining our full-time team on June 1 as the Camp Administrator.

Growing up mostly in Hendersonville, NC, Chelsea spent many summers at the local YMCA camp. Starting out as a camper, she eventually became a CIT, a counselor, and even became a camp director at Fletcher Parks and Rec day camp. Chelsea began to break away from the day-camp scene when she got her first job as a high school science teacher and soccer coach at Brevard High School.

Chelsea graduated from Brevard College, where she met her husband of two-years, M.A. Dozier. They met their first year at Brevard, where he played baseball and she played soccer. They love doing adventurous activities together; from hunting and fishing, to skiing and hiking, and serving God, especially through mission trips. After graduating in 2010, M.A. moved back to Georgia and Chelsea began teaching chemistry/biology at Brevard High school, just outside of Henderson County. Determined to find a job in North Carolina, M.A. found a job as a counselor at Falling Creek Camp. Soon after that summer, they got engaged and Chelsea married the love of her life in 2012.

The summer of 2013, Chelsea worked as the summer office manager at Camp Illahee in Brevard. She fell in love with this job. As God continued to open and close doors, Falling Creek became clear in her sights. Chelsea is very excited to begin this new journey at Falling Creek Camp.

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