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Fire Claims Green's Gas Station

Greens Gas Station Fire Damage 1
Fire Claims Greens Gas Station

Anyone who has spent time at Falling Creek has probably stopped at Green’s Six Oaks Gas Station. Sadly it burned in a fire late Friday night.

Photo of fire damage at Green's Gas Station

This Tuxedo landmark was frequented daily by FCC staff during the summer and off-season. It will definitely be missed. We don’t know any details at this time about plans to rebuild or not, but we’ll keep you updated.

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Berea College Job Fair

Adam Screech Lewis helping man the table at the Berea College job fair.

We want to thank Adam “Screech” Lewis for helping out at the Berea College Job Fair. He is an alumni staff member from last summer. He helped Goody man the table for over three hours.

Screech will be helping out this summer with our Father/Son programs and Junior Camp.

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Staff Reunion at UT

Goody and Ben were at the University of Tennessee on Wednesday for a Job Fair. It was a great turnout and they were introduced to many outstanding potential staff members.

They also ran into quite a few current FCC staff and alumni staff members. Pictured: Nathan Carter (2009), Ray Hailey, Adam Feldbrugge, Elan Mengelberg, Adam West, Crom Carey, Michael Shelton (New Staff – Lax), Alex Rand, Rush Dickson, Jonathan Grayson (2009), Brad McKnight, and Jackson Vaughan (2009).

Ben and Goody met with the FCC staff at UT.
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