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Project Picnic Tables

One chilly and wet Saturday morning, Falling Creek had the opportunity to assist the Hendersonville Rotary Club in delivering eight picnic tables to a local elementary school.

The club needed a truck and trailer to take the picnic tables from the workshop where they were built to Sugarloaf Elementary School. Simon (who is a former lorry driver in England) and Nathan (who is a great passenger and a Rotary member) helped the Rotarians.

Getting all of the tables on the trailer was a monumental jigsaw puzzle! (As you can see in the photo)

The tables were made for teachers from Rotary Education Grant funds. Teachers use the tables to teach outside and allow the students time to learn and work in the beautiful North Carolina weather.

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Colorado Crowd

Yates was thrilled to show the Falling Creek movies in Denver to a large group of families interested in learning more about Falling Creek.

Angela and Peter Pak were wonderful hosts.

It was a perfect opportunity for Yates to break away from the National Camp Conference being held in Denver that week and meet everyone.

Haynes Chidsey, a long-time FCC camper originally from Sarasota, FL, works in Denver and works with Peter Pak. Haynes and Yates were campers at FCC at the same time back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Thanks again to the Pak’s for all their support!

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FCC Online for Parents

The login page.

Our parent packet went into the mailbox this week. Camp families should be receiving one in a few days. It contains the Parent Handbook and a few forms. One of the inserts is about our new online system for parents.

Falling Creek’s parents have the benefit of an expanded online system this summer. CampInTouch is designed to help you manage your family’s camp experience and stay connected this summer. You can Log On to your family’s account, using your e-mail address, and choose from a variety of helpful menu options.

Currently we’re asking parents to fill out their son’s Online Health Form. You can then check your most recent invoice and update your family’s contact and billing information.

During the summer, you’ll have access to hundreds of daily photos, the Yates’ Yak Blog and will be able to send one-way e-mails to your son while he is at camp.

Example of our online system for camp parents.

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